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If you are in a chat group, please let them know about the
Bird HotLine.

Even if it isn't bird related, the people you are chatting with either have or know someone who has birds. Also, our big push is to make people, who don't have birds but find one, aware how important it is to try to find that bird's home.

But please, if the chat group is not bird related, only mention it in chat groups you are personally involved with. Thanks.

You might just mention:

"There is a new world wide bird lost and found on the net. 'birdhotline.com' It also has a bird Help Line for bird questions and has fun bird stories. Check it out."

If you know of any news groups that would benefit by knowing about the Bird HotLine

Here is a news release you can copy and paste:

News Release:

The new World Wide Bird Lost & Found HotLine is now free on the net!

Finally a World Wide Lost and Found for Birds. Plus great bird stories and a HelpLine to answer your bird questions. This is strictly a free service to all in need.

Check them out at: http://www.birdhotline.com

If you read the newspaper, here's a way you can help:

Check out the Lost and Found classified section and see if a bird is listed. If so, call and let them know there is a new place they can post their lost or found bird on the internet. If they aren't on the net, offer to post the little guy for them. They'll really appreciate it and you will have done your part to reunite two lost souls.

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