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I think that this is a wonderful and needed service! I think a lot of people do not realize the emotional attachment we have for our feathered friends, and how painful it is to lose them. I lost my little cockatiel of 18 years when he died a few years ago. I still feel the loss to this day. I can only imagine how it must feel to lose your little one and not know where he or she is. Your stories of reuniting these lost little souls with their owners brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for providing such a terrific service. You are absolute angels.
Rachelle . . . Los Angeles, Ca.
Hi, I would like to say that I think the Bird Hotline is a wonderful idea. I joined the Bird Patrol and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my posters and my T-shirts. I am also having my mother post a Bird HotLine poster at her work in Denver, CO and my friend will post them at his college in Long Island, NY. I will help in anyway I can think to. I also ordered a T-shirt for my daughter who will wear it around her school so that more people will become aware of this service. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing. Keep up the good work.
This is too cool. I am so excited about your page. Keep up the good work and you have done a great job.
Hi! I just wanted to say thanks a million for all the hard work you do on this site. Thank you also for sharing the stories of Sunshine. I'm not sure Tiki is as clever but I love him just as much. It's refreshing to know other bird people out there are as proud of and fascinated by their companions. It's also WONDERFUL to read stories like this that are written by a man. I think sometimes my hubby is a bit embarrassed by how much he loves our little friends, and I know he'd just die if someone caught him cuddling and cooing and fussing over them. Thanks for showing everyone out there that dogs aren't the only acceptable companion animal with which men can share a deeply meaningful bond.
Amy and The Flock
Thanks for such a great web page it is one of the best I have found so far, and I will be reading and finding out all I can to give my bird the best care I can. I just lost my dog ( my brother you could say) about 6 months ago he was 13 yrs old, so I know how much a pet can mean to a person and I look forward to many years with my new baby!
I really like your Bird Hotline it is very helpful. Your pictures are beautiful! This is a very helpful source when looking up birds for information. Many of my questions have been answered. Thank you oh so much!
Krystal . . . Oregon, U.S.A.
I think your HotLine is spectacular! It is so clear and easy to navigate your way around. So incredible!
Thank you all for sharing these wonderful stories and keep our feathered friends safe!
Crystal . . . Raleigh, North Carolina
I want to tell you how much I love the Bird HotLine web site. It shows a great devotion to helping people reunite with their beloved pets plus all the things you offer in addition to that very important service! I am very proud to be a Patroller for the Maryland and Delaware areas. I have referred lots of people to the web site. Each time I go there, it seems like you have something else to share. Best wishes and lots of gratitude.
Jane . . . Easton, Maryland
Thank you for all you have done with your website. You guys are a great stress reliever for any bird owner. Thanks again.
I'd like to thank you for your rapid response to our emergency. Thanks Again
Dave Hunt
Great work. What heart warming stories. I cried. Thank you. From all bird lovers.
Judy . . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I just wanted to say hello before I leave this great place! You have created well designed pages with wonderful and very informative and helpful contents - a great place for bird lovers!! I will return often. I enjoyed my visit, I'm sure to return to visit you again :-). Have a great day
greetings from Germany, Angela
I love this. I am a new bird owner, and I can't imagine the deep sorrow I would feel if I lost my sweet little friend. Peep and I want to say thank you for what you are doing.
Rita . . . Orange, CA
I would like to thank the people responsible for this site. We found this bird [Aladdin--on the "I'm Home!" page] and my neighbor went to this site. She found the owners of the bird that we had found. It was lost for 3 weeks. It was a great pleasure to be able to return this Bird to his owners. It was a happy time to see them reunite. My many thanks to the gentlemen who read the missing bird sign and placed the ad on this site. It is people like you at birdhotline that need to be recognized for being an outstanding citizen and friend to someone you don't know and to take your personal time out to publish the ad for the owners. May God Bless you. And to the owner, Jose, God Bless you my friend. May you have may years more enjoyment with your feathered family member. The tears I saw in your eyes brought Joy to my Heart. Garland Geeslin Jr.
Thanks for your great web site. I'm a new bird owner and you've already saved my bird's life. I can only hope to repay you and all pet birds by sharing your great web site with others.
Theresa [This is the kind of message that makes all the work worthwhile.--Bird HotLine]
The support and information that I received from the Bird HotLine was incredible. There's far more information than in Bird Talk or any other bird publication. I really appreciate the fast response time, when it comes to our feathered friends, minutes count.
Terrace, B.C.
I spent some time today getting reacquainted with the site and just want to say, Excellent work! I'm really impressed with your dedication. Keep up the good job!
Love all the stories. Just found your website when I attended the Ann Arbor Caged Bird Club show August 2nd! We captured a white parakeet last fall in our yard and are totally hooked and trained. Never imagined being bird owners. Love your site! Entertaining, helpful, etc.
You website has been in my favorites folder for quite some time and I refer to it often. I think it is a wonderful project you have going...and today, I finally got up off my rear end and signed up for your bird patrol. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Helen (Texas)
What a wonderful idea. A lot of my birds have been lost waifs which although I advertised extensively were never claimed. The idea of a world wide service with everyone just wanting to help others is wonderful. Governments could learn a lot from people like you! I'm happy to do anything I can to help.
Rebecca (Auckland, New Zealand)
A couple days back I visited your site and really found it AWESOME! What a wonderful thing you are doing!!!! If you reunite even one bird with the family that loves them you are successful. Best of luck on your web site. I will spread the word to all I know. GREAT JOB!!!
Marilyn (one of our Bird HotLine Bird Patrollers) had this as the subject of her email: Great T-shirt, great organization, great web sight!
I am impressed by the great response you have gotten from all around the world! What a wonderful idea to have The Bird Hotline! I will keep spreading the word about it and directing people in lost or found situations to contact the website or the mailing address (or both).
Jane (Maryland)
Florence has it good: It sounds like Sunshine and E.J. are soul brothers. E.J. picked me out to be his Mommy when he was just a downy little bappy at Petland in Owings Mills, Md. And he was a cuddler from the word go. He has me so well-trained that I sleep in an easy chair at night with a warm, soft, cute, sweet, wonderful, lovable, brightly-colored little love-sponge on my chest or in the left sleeve of my robe on my arm. And it is wonderful to wake up to a loud kiss and those magical words, "Yeeeeeeep!!! I wove oooooo."
Thanks so much for responding to my desperate message on Easter Sunday. To date (one week later) mom and chicks are so far doing just great. I did, however, have to hand-fed chicks three times on Sunday and Monday. After that mom took over and so far so good. Again, thank you for the reply and advice.
Thank you so much for this site it is very needed and I am shocked at the problems people have with birds. Thank god I have been fortunate (especially as a trial and error parent) to never have faced any of these problems. God bless you for helping us and giving your time to all of us who love our pets dearly.... Very informative site I love it.... Will be here daily now that I found you... My husband owns a pet store and has for 23 years we learned a lot from this site already... You never learn it all do ya....
Shirley Jacksonville Florida
[After reading "Glub Vue" in the "Sunshine On My Shoulder" archived page] I just glub this site! It is so much nicer than any other lost bird site I have seen. Most of them just have a "classified" area with no "warm fuzzies" to be found. Thanks for the smiles... Glub, Teri
Chandra wrote [After reading "Sunshine On My Shoulder"]: That's Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If your site was around when I lost my first tiel, maybe I could have found her. But it's nice to know your here now. I hope I never need you for a lost bird again. I have bookmarked you though and I will be back often for all the info and links your site has. Good job keep up the good work
Glenda, New Jersey
Bless you and all that help to return lost birds to their owners. I will print your recent e-mail in our Parrotlet Society newsletter (we have over 600 members). Good luck.
I think it is great that you offer this service. I am personally owned by six birds and would die if one of them got away. They all have their wings clipped.
Rosanne . . . Mississauga Canada
I think your type of service has been a long time in coming.....Congratulations on taking the intiative.
Your friends at
Keep up the great work you are doing. Bless you and your friends.
Cindy Aerospace Aviary
This is wonderful, I lost a Tiel last year and it was found by a lady who I happened to be talking with. Unfortunitly she had had him for about 9 months and was madly in love with him, so, of course, I was just happy he had found such a good home. But just to know you are there in case of an emergency makes me feel so much better. Thanks for this service.
What you a wonderful service you guys are providing. I'm so happy to be a part of it. Now off to put up posters.
Joy Ann, Sociable BinkyBird & PoopyTrooper (the Tiels)
I think it is so wonderful that there is finally somebody/ies who cares about fids (feathered kids). In the past if you asked for help about losing/finding a bird people would act like you were crazy. I'm going to get in touch with the Humane Society.
Pat said: Reading about Sunshine, ["Sunshine On My Shoulder"] made me realize that that is the way I feel about Billy...He is my HEART! I wish more people who don't know much about birds, would read this story, it might make a difference in how they treat them.
I think you are offering a great service here. Thanks
Sandy V. Bedford PA
This is important and I want to help-thanks.
Kris Bakersfield,CA
We think this is an excellent site.
Curtis and Debby Portland, OR
You guys are great... My Peachfaced Lovebird has a feather pickin' problem and the suggestions I received over the "Help Line" are ones that I haven't yet heard, so it gives me renewed hope on finding a remedy for the little fellow.... Again Thanks A Mil.
Thanks! The bird helpline answered a lot of questions. You may be hearing from me again.
Thank you for what you are doing!!!!
Sue Tri-Cities WA
This is certainly a worthy project and I really would like to see ANYONE who has lost or found a pet bird utilize this important tool. Thanks for the time and effort you have put in!
Kellie Conyers, GA
I recommend that you let all avian mailing lists, as well as avian newsgroups know about your website!
Joy Denver Colorado
This [Sunshine On My Shoulder] is so like the experience my husband and I had with our Sun Conure. She was in a Pet Store and she caught our eye right away. They got her out and that was it for us. She seemed a little shy at first, but we were in there over an hour with her, holding her and talking to her. Needless to say she had to come home with us. She is a baby doll. We brought her home and named her Sunny. Sunny got to meet our Cockatiel, Teke and they have became buddy's. Sunny is, without a doubt, the Sunshine of our lives. She makes us laugh and feel very loved. She is a clown and loves to lay on her back and play with a ball. I really enjoyed your story.
This is a wonderful site. Thank god someone came up with this. These babies and owners need all our help out there and we all need help in learning how to keep our babies safe. I know this is a constant fear on our part with all the thefts going on. These people need to be stopped!!!! Thank you so much!
Betsy Texas
People need all the help they can get when looking for a lost bird. Good luck and a warm on-line heart for you all over there.
Wayne Auburn,Ca.
I think this is one of the best things for the the birds since pellets were developed. If everyone feals the way I do about my birds then it is devestating to loose one. If we all pull together then hopefully we will be able to return the bird home. I personally will put this in many rooms for people to find. This is now one of my hot spots to turn to everyday.
Linda Elizabethtown, PA
I think you have done a wonderful service to the bird world. Thank you!
I think this is really a great service you have started up. I hope you can get some sponsors to help make it grow.
Thank you for this website devoted to lost birds. I was searching and searching for a way to help my friend, who lost his little parakeet last week. All the other sites had lots of info for dogs and cats (they are special, too!), but uniting birds and their owners requires a different approach. Thank you!
You are doing a great thing! I will be more than happy to do whatever I can to help out. I don't know what I would do if I ever lost my grey so it's good to know there are people out there like you.
This is a really nice and important service you are offering. I applaud you in your efforts for the winged kingdom! Nice graphics too and ease of use.
Amari Sedona, AZ
I'm so glad there is a place like this. It's a wonderful idea. It's good to know there is somewhere to go if you ever need a service like this.
Michelle San Diego, CA
Your page is done very nicely. I am sending the address to bird owners so that they may also keep a look out for lost or stolen birds.
Judy Virginia Beach, Virginia
I wish you'd been here last year when I rescued an adult Lutino tiel.
Margo G. Bartlett, IL
Thank you for caring and doing something that helps people and birds in need.
Vicky Dubuque, Iowa
Thanks for doing this! Nothing is worse than losing your best friend - and the Internet can reach millions to help find your bird!
April Charleston, WV
This is a wonderful service! Thanks for your time and support!
J San Diego, CA
This page is really wonderful and shows how much others care about their birds and other's birds. Thanks for providing such an opportunity and caring.
Mindy Southern California

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