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and all those other birds whose names we never found out!

(16824) Congo African Grey

Waverly, Georgia . . . Chiku


Lost on Spring Bluff Rd between Dover Bluff Road and Horsestamp Church Road in Waverly near I-95. She was possibly spotted in Jesup/Ga near 341 and Cherry St. She could be be in Waverly Brunswick, Kingsland, Jesup, Nahunta, Waycross or basically a 50 mile radius of Waverly, Ga. Beautiful African Grey, she does not pluck, she is a model Congo African Grey. All grey with light and dark feathers and a short red tail. She whistles Andy Griffith, does the wolf whistle, says "Hello Baby", "Whatcha doin'", and makes a clicking sound. Occassionally makes a sound like a police siren, which we thought hated, but would really love to hear again.

We live in a rural, heavily wooded area, with numerous animals that would prey on our sweet baby. I don't know how, but one week to the day (within 4 hours of the actual time of her escape), we have our baby back. 7 days after she flew out the door, Chiku flew and landed on a man's shoulder and he took her home to keep. Someone took a picture of her, sent it to his wife via phone message, she showed someone who just so happened to have just read our "missing parrot" ad in the newspaper. Within 2 hours of her landing on the man's shoulder, we located her and was able to contact the man who found her. We have had several "we saw her" phone calls since getting her home and have found that our baby stayed within a 10 mile radius. She was tired, hungry, and dehydrated, but overall she looked rather well considering the circumstances. After an evening of papering, she saw our avian vet and received a clean bill of health! Thanks to everyone who may have looked and who sent the emails of encouragement. *Never give up before the miracle happens.* .

(9359) Lilac Crown Amazon Parrot

Oceanside, California . . . Hey Bird


Came across the lost listing on your website from December 2005 late last night, November 26, 2006 with description and characteristics exactly matching the parrot we had found on 11/17/06 (have no idea where the Hey Bird was the other 10 months he was missing). I called owners the first thing Monday a.m. and they were reunited that morning. Their ad said they wanted a miracle so I guess miracles can happen - very very happy ending!

(6260) Parrot

Oceanside, California . . .


"See above posting for reunited Amazon" BHL

Contact family using email or phone number listed. Help! There is no email or phone number.

(10356) Yellow Collared Mini Macaw

Renton, Washington . . . Popeye


Last seen 8/12/06 am Sunset area near 405. About 14" long, primarily green - yellow band on neck, black face, white around eyes, blue feathers in wings and tail. No feathers on back, needs meds. His name is Popeye. Loud squawk, says "hello" "good boy" "peek-a-boo" "c'mere" "it's ok." Affectionate and friendly to women, doesn't like most men. He has flight feathers, could be quite a ways from where he was last seen. He has been with me for almost 13 years, and I miss him.

About 11 days after he got out, Popeye flew in an upper story window of an apartment complex. The people who agreed to take care of him (Chuck and Theresa) took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped and because his leg was injured. While there, one of the staff recognized him from an ad and said "That's Popeye!" He responded to his name :) and Theresa found the ad and emailed me that they had Popeye and he missed his mom. I was so excited that it took me several times to dial the number correctly. Popeye was very lucky. He apparently landed on an electrical wire (which caused the injury to his leg) but somehow survived that. Then he was found by great people who were willing to take him to the vet for treatment.

(9562) Yellow Cockatiel

Park Ridge, Illinois . . . Joe


Joe flew away from me in Park Ridge Illinois on March 12th. Although I followed him for a block, he took off over a house and I never saw him again. Seven weeks later I got a phone call in response to the internet and was reunited with Joe. He was about 6 miles away in Chicago. Although I was uncertain if it was really Joe because he was so injured and traumatized, I did take him home and to the vet. Once I got him home he started to respond to me and has since become his former loveable self. My advise is to never give up on finding your bird. I did give up after 4 weeks, and I now have two birds, which luckily get along very well. Thanks for having this space available and for helping to bring Joe home.

(10246) Congo African Grey

Queens, New York . . . Otis


African Grey- lost on 7/15- last seen flying around Elmjack ball field/ Rykers Island in East Elmhurst-He has a banded ID bracelet and calls out- "hey Otis, hey Kris" and likes to ring the phone and pick up.reward if found.

Someone found Otis on a balcony during the ConEd blackout in Astoria- called their vet- she picked him up- and a very kind family watched over him until they were able to locate me on the computer- and I am extremely greatful for the kindness of strangers to help see him home safe.

(5612) Cockatiel

Prineville,Oregon . . .


Found Cockatiel

The morning after posting my "found" message here on the Bird Hotline, I got an hopeful email response from someone here in Oregon, which included a photo of the cockatiel. I compared this with photos I had taken, concentrating on colors and bars, speckles and other markings. The two looked identical. The following email exchange also discussed likes and dislikes, personal habits, etc. I told the folks how to find my house, and they came by last night and picked their Roxy up. She definitely knew the people, and was happy to see them again after having beenon the road for two weeks and traveling 120 miles. Kind of sad to see her go; she was a delightful, spunky little guest in my home. But I'm very happy to see her back with her family, who obviously love her very much. Thanks for this site, it's a great service!

(9908) Moustache Parakeet

Scottsdale, Arizona . . . Mookie


Moustache Parakeet Lost

10:30 a.m. - A very windy morning - and I watched my Mookie *fly* off into thin air. 5 p.m. same day, (as mom finds out later) - Lost bird *ended up* on the patio at KO;Donnel's restaurant, where manager, Stewart, picked Mookie up and placed in a back room. Stewart then called his friend, Susan, to see if she could help out the lost bird. Two hours later, Mookie was in a new cage with his new foster mom. Susan placed ads online of the found bird. Meanwhile, frantic original mom checks online for found birds and sees Susans's ad that could be a possibility, but the ad reads *found before date listed*. So, Mom thinks this ad isn't related to her lost guy, especially since the ad is a little vague. Three days later - after placing newspaper ads and calling many, many birders and clubs and rescues, and emailing same, and putting up about a hundred pictured fliers of Mookie, checking out the lost and founds online, this Mom is feeling desparate and grasping for straws. Well, it's about midnight when Mom remembers the ad with the wrong date.Straw time;. Mom emails Susan. Now, it's 1 a.m. and Mom is still checking out the lost and found websites. Mom sees another found ad by Susan - but this one is a little different. There is a phone number! and this ad has a little more detail about her bird, AND the date is different...it's the SAME day as when Mookie disappeared! Mom is very excited and emails Susan again (now 2 a.m.). Mom falls asleep (passes out) at 3a.m. but not before setting alarm for 7a.m. - to try to catch Susan before she may go to work. 7 a.m. alarms - no emails from Susan. Mom drops phone but manages to leave a rather long message on Susan's answering machine.... So the longest 45 minutes goes by when Mom's cell phone rings. It was Susan. I think she was just as excited as I was...she shouts I THINK I HAVE YOUR BIRD!; Susan says she checked out my online lost ads, which had photos, and she just knew it was our Mookie. So she loaded Mookie up and took him to work with her. Mom and Mom's husband met Susan and were reunited with Mookie. Mom is numb and husband is smiling really big. Mom starts to cry when Mookie starts kissing loudly through the cage bars. I guess Mookie missed us, too. Susan only had praises for Mookie, how much her kids loved him and how sweet he was...and I was thrilled she decided to try to find his original Mom and family. I tried and tried to get Susan to accept some money for her time, effort, new cage, etc. and she absolutely refused, as she went running back into her office. I emailed Susan later to catch her up on Mookie. I spoke later with Stewart, the restaurant manager, to thank him for extending his hand out to Mookie - (Stewart said Mookie was completely exhausted when he found him). As we chatted, Stewart mentioned Susan's love for animals... Susan volunteers for the Humane Society and other local rescues, and is a foster mom, too. She has 6 dogs of her own - along with 2 parrots, and some other *children* that I can't recall. Susan has two-legged children, also, and works for a doctor... how does she find time to worry about anyone else? Well, she does. I didn't know what to say when Stewart told me that Susan flew to Louisiana, as a volunteer, to help sort through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina... to help pets who couldn't find their families. That's when I knew that Mookie was supposed to come back home. How could Mookie have found these amazing people at just the right time? So I cried some more but these were very thankful tears. After some thought I decided to stop by a pet store to load up a basket of goodies to anonymously deliver to Susan's office and Stewart's restaurant. I just can't let these people go.... not yet, anyway. We may end up going our different ways, but not without me extending my hand in some small way. Affectionately, Lisa and Mookie and family.

(9676) African Grey Parrot

Atlanta, Georgia . . . Loki


Two year old about 430 grams when she escaped, she has a purple band on her foot.

THANK YOU BIRDHOTLINE--Loki flew off my shoulder after being frightened on April 14, 2006. I looked and looked for her--posted flyers, put ads everywhere, contacted my vets. . and nothing--I was broken hearted--could not stop crying--could not bear going home to the empty cage. NOTE TO THOSE WHO ARE DEBATING WING CLIPPING: DO IT--your bird will cling to you unless it gets spooked--their instinct then is to fly away and they will. I got a call yesterday--July 26, 2006--(Over 3 months later) Crystal found my contact info on Birdhotline and called me to say she thought she had my bird..and indeed she did- At the end of April, Alvin, Crystal's husband, was on the roof of a building in my neighborhood doing construction work. Loki landed on his shoulder--he took her home--they posted flyers and ads but somehow we never connected. Alvin and Crystal took such good care of Loki--not a feather plucked and she has gained 5 grams. But they really didn't want to keep her--they knew she belonged to someone and being young family on a budget felt the expense of getting Loki (aka Nemo--their 4 year old boys name for her) a proper cage etc would be too much. But they purchased a small cage and Crystal bought a book about Greys-fed her on a strict diet of fruit vegetables and seeds; and waited to hear from someone claiming her--and they did on several occasions. However, Crystal said these people obviously "knew nothing about the bird"; so she didn't believe them and did not give them my bird. Finally, not having gotten any legitimate response to their ads, it occurred to Crystal to go on the Internet and there I was. She called and we immedately agreed that she had my bird based on the things she was saying/singing (the Andy Griffith song). We are reunited and I am so thankful.

(9354) Cockatiel Normal Gray

Cottage Drive/Southfield, Michigan . . . Chewey/Chew Butt


Please HELP, lost on Christmas day 2005, around the corner of our home until dark, in 100 plus foot trees, he tried but did not come down, it is raining and 31 degrees (freezing) now, been raining all day, WILL OUR BIRD SURVIVE THE NIGHT in this temperature??? We last seen him on Berg Road, North of Eight Mile Road, East of US 24 Telegraph Road, in a tree, I road by about 8:30 PM, still way up in tree, cold and wet, but will not move in the dark. Am crying writing this letter, he has rosy orange cheeks, gray feathers with white in the feathers, and some yellow in face and underneath wings. He says his name Chewey, Chew butt, all the time, he purrs, whistles,says hmmm hmm when you drink from a cup or can, loves Mcdonalds Fries and Buns, I lives as one of our family NOT CAGED! Chewey yells for me when I pull in the driveway, wakes us up every morning, he is so loved, not sure what we will do if he dies outside, so frustrating having him in a tree, and unable to reach him. If anyone know if a cockatiel can survive this weather over night or for any long period, PLEASE HELP JP Bishop Joe Justice Chewey

Lost Christmas Day, we followed to first tree, followed to second tree, tried to call him down ended up on third tree, raining, 31 degrees out, stayed with him wet and cold until dark.

December 26, 2005, got up 5:45 AM before sunrise, went to tree, bird stayed in same spot, rain stopped, got food, water bowl, stadium chairs, his cage, breeder box (Not used for breeding) a dinner tray that he eats on daily, and sat bundled up and talked to him all day, as he talked to us all day, one hour sunset, last attempt to get him excited to move, he finally flew, but closer to a main road, and out more in the open breeze, got him to fly one more time, before sunset, ended up near a bridge near 8 mile road, busy, top of tree, holding on for dear life, tired and appeared scared cold and hurt. Darkness fell, I cried. Said goodbye, went to store, to get PVC pipe, pool pole, to try to get to him from the bridge, by next morning sunrise on December 27th, very cold 27 degrees not counting wind chill factor.

Set alarm, before sunrise, we were there just about sunrise, he was gone, cried again. Walked all blocks yelling his name desperately wanting to hear him call for us as he normally does and had.

My friend legs hurt, he went home, I continued, we border Detroit Michigan border, 8 mile, I so hoped he did not cross over, I went on that side, every 50s or so, I would shut down the car, yell out his name, Chewey, NO RESPONSE, its getting about noon, 4 hours later of yelling, I pulled in a Sam's Club behind my home, yelled into the woods, no Chewey.

Went home, told friend with bad leg I was going back out, he finally went with me again, he said lets try Sam's club, I said I already did, he said ok, how about Telegraph and 8 mile intersection complete with bridges, on and off ramps, we parked the car at a nearby factory just before the ramp to go north on Telegraph Road, we got out walked behind factory's yelling out his name nothing! Walked back to the car, a man was what looked like writing us a traffic ticket, thought factory security for parking at the entrance, we yelled hey, I also said, "Is this your car"; yes sir it is I replied, were sorry, we are looking for our lost bird, he said "I was leaving you a note, I have your bird in my cab of my semi, right now, heat full blast", I cried on the spot, we ran down the ramp to his truck cab, we looked in the window, Chewey was cleaning his foot on back of the front seat.

We asked how he knew, what happened, he said the bird fell to the feet of someone at Sams Club, and said he seen someone in a green geo yelling for a bird earlier, he said "I will take the bird, my wife would love it", then he saw our car, and somehow found the path to where we were parked looking for the bird on foot, it was a miracle, god sent us there, hurt my friends leg, made us be in that spot at that exact time, I was NEVER so happy in all my life, the man was our guardian angle, or whoever gave him the vehicle instructions, I never talked to one person while at Sam's club, yelling in the woods back of that huge complex, I have no clue how this all happened, except for a lot of praying, I actually thought I lost my chewey forever.

His foot is somewhat sore, is favoring it, was so shocked up, very hungry and thirsty, he sat on me and went to sleep most of the day, while I had a hot pad between my legs so the heat would slowly warm is cold bones, he is doing fine, just soooooo tired and worn out.

The worst Christmas EVER, shortly turned into a miracle, that I will never forget. We have been blessed today.Thank you,JP Bishop

PS, we called the fire department, tree climbers, animal shelters, and never had no help, the fire department came, and said they could not help, bird to high, good luck.

(5370) Male Gray Cockatiel

West Palm Beach/Broward Cnty, Florida . . .


He landed on my head and have been letting him live in my house. He doesn't really likes being handled but whistles a lot and especialy 2 girls .One thing is that he has no identification band on his leg. I would be very happy to find his owner soon .any info on who this bird may belong to is greatly appreciated.

A lady e-mailed me and showed proof of ownership.I even gave her a quiz and she got the questions all right and the bird even said "hello hello i love you" and I had never heard him say that. Thanks to your web sight. I'm so glad I found you guys.

(8964) Peachface Lovebird

Mill Valley, California . . . Sparkle


Sparkle is a soft green with an orange forehead and is about 5 inches in all. He has a loud (and piercing) whistle. He is packed with personality and very person friendly, loves to snuggle in your shirt and shareyour food.

On the day he got away, Sparkle found his way to a blackberry bush(near Mill Valley Middle School) quite some disance from our home. A cyclist from Sausalito was picking berries and Sparkle climbed onto her hand and cycled back home with her. She listed him on Craigslist - which I did not think of checking - and I listed him here. After spending almost a week with her she passed him on to a friend in Oakland who was better equipped to look after him, and who reunited us via this Bird HotLine listing! I cannot tell you how grateful we are to the two good samaritans, Birdhotline and Mickaboo who also alerted me to the Found Lovebird ad on Craigslist!

(7819) Amazona Amazonica

Klaipeda, Lithuania . . . Avery


Avery, our little amazon lost in this cold term of the year! He can't talk, he is little, his eyes are red. He is very young. If you know something about this little green parrot with yeallow and blue. Thank you,we need our bird! He means tooooo much to our family!

Thanks a lot to Vidmantas. Respekt.He called us in midle night and told us about our amazon Avery. Avery was very scared, hungry, thirsty... Vidmantas didn't know how to feed that bird. He found this site ( THANKS!!!) and our birdy found his house. Now he is happy to see us again. World is full of kind people, we have to remember this too.

(8457) Cockatiel

Des Plaines, Illinois . . . Bubba


Bubba is a strong bird. He was found over 35 miles from his home. We found Bubba (see the Found Posting which follows) while looking for our lost Cockatiel (Typhoon - still missing). Bubba had some distintive markings on the back of his neck, a dead give away. His family was very happy to see him.

(4862) Cockatiel

Geneva, Illinois . . .


Large male cockateil. Yellow head with some gray on the frill and back of head. Gray body. White on outside of wings.

Contact family using email or phone number listed. Help! There is no email or phone number.

(8317) White Capped Pionus

Little Silver, New Jersey . . . Chi Chi


$2,000 reward for our bird. Chi Chi is a mainly green bird, with some red/blue/yellow under her tail feathers. Her head is bright white, the cap that distinguishes White Capped Pionus birds.

A nice gentleman who drives a truck stopped on his route to do his work in Red Bank, NJ. He happened to see Chi Chi sitting on a pile of stuff on the side of the road. He walked up to her, and she climbed onto him. He drove around all day with her, and then took her home.

For weeks he looked in the newspapers and went to pet shops to see if anyone knew whose bird it was. In that time frame, he also bought a nice cage, a perch system, and toys. He became very attached to the bird and treated her with extraordinary love.

Finally, a week ago, he went into Bird Jungle in Shrewsbury, NJ, where we had bought the bird in 2000, to get her nails trimmed. The lady in the store recognized her, and remembered she was ours. She looked up our phone # in the system, and then helped the gentleman find out on your website (The Bird HotLine) that the bird was in fact ours and lost.

He called us, and last night, 8-29-2005, we went to his home and it was our bird. We made friends with this very nice man, and happily gave him the reward $$. He is taking the reward money and using it to purchase his very own white capped pionus, which he already put on hold at Bird Jungle.

So this worked out to not only get our bird back, but to make a bird lover out of another, and to create a loving home for a wonderful little pionus. God works in wonderful ways sometimes, and it just takes faith and trust in that and things work out just like this!

Thanks for all your help!!Chris and Laura

(8296) Cockatiel

Naperville, Illinois . . . Sunny


Please help us find our Cockatiel. His name is Sunny, he is bright yellow and white with orange round cherracks. He flew out of his cage when a strong gust of wind blew his cage over. He loves being outside. He sings Mexican tunes and can whistle as if he is hailing a cab.

When I sat in front of the computer to help find our bird, I thought there's no way we would ever find him.We did find him and it is thanks to all the people that emailed us thinking this may be your bird. One tip turned out true when a lady from Palatine also looking for her bird [Orphy Bird #8107 nlp59@hotmail.com] went to the local shelter to see if the bird they had there was hers. Unfortunately it wasn't her bird, but she remembered the tune he was singing and put it together with a post she read on The Bird HotLine and called us to let us know that this may be our bird, and it was.Thanks to her, The Bird HotLine and all the other people who emailed us to help bring Sunny home.We hope and pray she finds Orphy Thanks to her again. The Ortega family

(4630) Cockatiel

Duvall, Washington . . .


Found April 24 in Duvall WA, a cute little cockatiel, yellow head, orange cheeks, gray and white body, makes lots of sounds but no words, as far as we know.

A family from Vancouver WA called and said they thought "Kramer" was really "Spike". So we met and sure enough, they could tell right away that this was their bird. I wasn't sure, but then the 10 year old owner nuzzled her nose up to "Spike" and he didn't bite. If I had done this, I wouldn't have a nose left! Spike didn't really like us touching him. Then the next day, the family called and said "Spike" was saying his owners name and whistling the songs he always had. During the 4 weeks that we had him, he never spoke a word or whistled any particular song. We could tell right away that he seemed much happier with this little girl and her family the moment he saw them. A great ending to the story!

[That was the story the Bird HotLine received after they received the following email from a 10 year old girl just writing to say "Thanks".] Spike, my cockatiel, flew away on the saddest day of my life, Jan. 19 2005. We look for months and months and kind of gave up hope. One day I was sitting on my computer and my grandma says you should check birdhotline. I checked it knowing that nothing would be there...I was sooo worng. I looked at the first box. It had a picture. A picture of my bird! But wait. It was in Duvall, WA. We lived in Vancouver. so on Sunday May 22 my famiy and I drove up there. We had been talking to the person who wrote the ad. We met her somewhere. They opened the door to reveal a beat up brocken footed cockatiel. Oh my gosh. It was Spike. I cried all the way home. He still whistles like he used to and says my name. He loves up to me and lets me hold him. Now there is no doubt in my mind that this is Spike. THE END

(8215) Cockatiel

Tucson, Arizona . . . Zoe


Zoe flew off at around mid morning on Thursday, May 12, and was last seen near Broadway and Sarnoff area. Her flight wings were trimmed earlier this morning, but obviously not enough!! Please help us find Zoe, Roughly 18 months old.

Our Cockatiel Zoe was reunited with our family entirely because of your web site Bird Hotline. The individual who found Zoe punched in your web site and read my Lost bird notice. He later told us that the internet was his last effort in finding the owners. Otherwise he was buying a cage the next day! What a miracle and a blessing to have people like you providing this service! Thank you and keep up the good work Jeff

(4414) Amazon

Jackson, New Jersey . . .


[The I'm Home report from this Bird's family was received by The Bird Hotline on May 19, 2005, over six months after the found posting was received.] Poncho was lost in Oct. 2004. I tired everything to find her. When I was about to give up (May 2005), I came across this website with ads of birds that were found.. luckily I found an ad from Jackson, NJ where I lost her... when I got in touch with the woman who has been taking care of her, I was sooo pleased to see what she has done.. Poncho ended up in a bird sanctuary with tons of other birds... because the winter was so cold, I never thought I would see my amazon again... thank you sooo much Terry for taking such good care of my bird!

(8144) African Grey

Bothell, Washington . . . Ace


Large parrot, gray and white with a red tail, white around the eyes. Lost in downtown Bothell. The bird was seen on 4/25/05 near the senior center in Bothell

A family in Juanita found her. The Dad found the lost notice I had posted on this web site and called me

(7986) Alexandrine Parrot

Craigieburn/Melbourne, Australia . . . Spikey


My Alexadrine parrot has been missing for two days. She is a four year old green parakeet with small red patches on her wings. Spikey would be approximately 20 cm tall with avery long tail. Very tame bird, but sometimes a bit aggressive. She is also a chatterbox. Flew away when i tried to put her in her cage, which is very unusual. Normally tame out doors. $300 reward offered if found. Lost in Craigieburn near public golf course.

Spikey is home!! My lost Alexandrine parrot was found locally. Someone got her down a tree with a tempting apple. She had been missing for a few weeks and I'd nearly given up all hope. Luckily the person looked up your web site and I was finally reunited!

(7899) Green Cheek Conure

San Francisco, California . . . Tookie


Small, 2 year old Green Cheek Conure- green body, long red tail, blue flight feathers. His wings aren't clipped but he doesn't really know how to fly and only does so when startled. Flew away today, Saturday, 2/5 across my backyard and out of sight. I live at the corner of Jennings & Jamestown in the Bayview section of SF (near Candlestick Park). Tookie is a beloved pet who will be afraid and helpless. Any and all info much appreciated.

Tookie has all his flight feathers but really doesn't know how to fly. He got startled and flew out through an open door. I looked and looked (and called) for him (mostly downhill from my house and low to the ground). After an hour and a half, I made flyers and started passing those out to people in the neighborhood and putting them on mailboxes. Some girls (12 years old) took a flyer and said they'd keep an eye out for him. After several more hours of looking, I stayed in the front yard calling him... the girls called my cell phone and said they found him. He was on the opposite side of the street one block from my house 25 feet up in a tree. I had to finally climb up to get him- he was too afraid to fly down to me. We are VERY, VERY happy to be reunited.

(7824) Cockatiel

Surprise, Arizona . . . Birdie


Lost Tuesday evening at dusk From 18000 Block of N. Cactus Flower Way, Surprise, AZ 85387. Birdie, is a cockatiel, mostly gray with white. His wings have not been clipped. He was scared when he flew toward the very small amount of light from the sunset. It was the worst storm we've had with raining and freezing cold. We live on the back end of Sun City Grand. He may have gone to the neighborhood next to us - Arizona, Traditions. He also may have flown out over the deserted area in back of us and also AZ Traditions (our back yards back up to a burm or dam). He whistles alot. He's very friendly - will fly to your shoulder. Please call Sharon at for additional information . Thank you very much for your help. I've tried many things with no luck.

There was an ad under the "Found Bird" section. He was found at their home, brought in, fed and put notices up. We were reunited this morning, 1/9/05. Thank you so very much for your website. I will always be so greatful.Sharon

(4492) Cockatiel

Sun City Grand/Surprise, Arizona . . .


Found Cockatiel in front yard of home in Sun City Grand, Surprise, AZ. Bird is friendly and landed on my shoulder. Pls identify and it is yours.

Received an email from Sharon describing her bird. She just left a few minutes ago with Birdie and a very happy owner. Glad we could help. The Bird HotLine really helped as both of us had placed an ad on it.

(7770) Pionus Maximillion Parrot

Salt Lake City, Utah . . . Baby


I have lost my Green Pionus Parrot named Baby. He is green with a purple chest, blue and red tail feathers and a yellow beak. He is very friendly and can talk. He says, "baby bird", "I love You" "Hello Baby" hewas a year on July 28th. I miss him, he is my best friend. Please contact me if you find him. Kelli

My bird flew out the door behind my husband on Dec 22,2004. My husband was unaware of it. He realized the bird was gone on Dec 23, 2004. I was out of town delivering Christmas presents with my father to family's that do not drive. It was 7 degree's that night. I came home and ran down the street telling my neighbors. That night a knock came on the door and it was two men that had moved into the neighborhood recently. They explained their house had been robbed during the night and the back door was knocked down. When they arrived home at 4 AM my bird "Baby" walked out of their back door and ran to them. They assumed the robbers had left their bird. Baby was so happy to see them and friendly they enjoyed him all night. They fed him carrots and he slept on one of the men's beds. When they returned him they told us our bird told them his name was baby. I can't tell you how happy I am to have him back.

(7737) Congo African Grey

Sherman Oaks, California . . . Katie


Congo African Grey lost in Sherman Oaks on 12/8/04. Her name is Katie. She is all grey with a bright red tail. She loves to make kissing sounds and electronic noises. $2000 reward offered. Thank you.

The day Katie was lost we posted flyers with a picture of Katie EVERYWHERE within a five mile radius from my house. Four days later someone called me. Katie was in a tree located right next to one of the flyers. I cannot emphasize how important it is to get the flyers out. Also, I offered a reward that was more than anyone can get by selling her to someone rather than returning her. Good luck to everyone missing their bird. I understand the heartache!

(7709) Mealy Parrot

Phoenix, Arizona . . . Cleatus


Cleatus is a mealy parrot. He is approx 12 inches high. He is a bright green with yellow feathers on the back of his neck & has some red feathers on the underside of his wings. We saw him last flying south out of a eucaliptus tree between 29th ave & 31st ave just north of Northern ave. He will usually say "what" when we call his name. He repeats hello also. Cleatus is a family pet & missed very much. Thank you for any help.

In less than 24 hrs after posting on your website I had an email that I read this morning after putting up a few more flyers. "I may have your bird. I live in the area of 31st Ave and Northern in the townhome complex there. I caught an amzon about an hour ago...it has already said "what" and "hello". I do have one question for you though....how did he get out?... My name is Nina. I rescue animals as a hobby and he was trying to come to me then flew down out of a eucalyptus and let me walk right up to him...I knew he was friendly and possibly very hungry...not knowing how long he had been out. Nina" I called immediately & indeed it was Cleatus. I'm not sure who was more excited Cleatus, me or the kids. Nina was so wonderful - she even clipped his wings (& thats how they will stay!!) for me before we came home. I can't express my gratitude enough to birdhotline & Nina. Without both of you we probably wouldn't have had such a wonderful ending. As an early Christmas present - it doesn't get much better.

Bird HotLine: On October 28, 2004 at 9:30 am The Bird HotLine Received the following two postings.
(7602) No Bird Type Given

Lynnwood, Washington . . . Paulie


Please find a little bird who was lost on October 27, 2004 around 8:07 A.M around Lynnwood, Everett, Seattle area in Washington. This bird is green with a grey head, on the front she has yellow and orange, cannot speak but can whistle, has a metal bracelet on her right leg, also when she flys she flaps her wings a lot like if she was scared, her name is Paulie. If u want a picture contact me!

Contact family using email or phone number listed. Help! There is no email or phone number.

(4394) African Senegal

Lynnwood, Washington . . .


Bird was found flying around our school yard. A soccer team was practicing and the bird flew into one of the coaches. The bracelet is from California. If you think this is your bird please contact me and identify the bird by supplying the band number, is it male or female and any "tricks" it does on command. This is an African Senegal.

Bird HotLine: Anxious that these people might overlook each other and feeling certain it was a match I sent an email to both parties and waited for a response. A couple of days later we hear from Paulie's family that they are anxiously waiting (very streesed) to hear from the finders. Apparently they were worried because they had mistakenly said the band was on the right but when they looked at one of her pictures it was on the left leg. They were worried they wouldn't get their Paulie back. We called to reassure them the finders probably haven't checked their email and would be calling them but it may take a few more days so be patient. Of course we anxiously waited to get an email too. A long week later on the 6th we heard from the finder who said:

It turns out that one of the first families I heard from was the right family. At first they gave me incorrect information about which foot the band was on, and they couldn't find the correct band numbers on their paper work. Like I said, they finally called their vet and he had recorded the numbers.
After we made a match, I call the family and the came over to our house and took Paulie home. She belongs to a 10 year old little girl. The little girl dances with Paulie every morning before school and one day the front door was open and away Paulie flew.
She was a joy to have for the few days we did. Even Opal, our Chinese Pug, grew to like her. Opal and Paulie became friends to the point that Opal gave her piggy back rides.
The family got a kick out of seeing this and were suprised that Paulie would do that.
I'm glad all worked out and that Paulie is back home.

Bird HotLine: After contacting Paulie's family they wrote back and said that indeed Paulie was home and would send in an "I'm Home" posting. We will update this report then.
(7667) Blue-Headed Pionus Parrot

Mountain View near McKelvey Pk, California . . . Cali


11 inches, green body/feathers, blue head, red under feathers, black beak with red accent on either side. Lost in Mountain View by McKelvey park. carlakenworthy@hotmail.com

Cali had flown to a neighboring street and had apparently spent the night on the ground in a neighbor's yard. The owner, covered him with a towel, and called the Palo Alto Animal Shelter who came out and netted Cali. My friend and neighbor was out walking her dog and looking for Cali early this morning, waved down the Animal Shelter van and told her that she was looking for a lost parrot. "I just picked one up," she replied. My friend didn't know my phone or address number off-hand, so she asked the lady officer to please follow her around the block to our house, which she did. As I was just ready to hit the pavement with all the fliers I'd made last night, I opened the curtains, and there was everybody, including Cali in the rescue crate!

"I've got her!" the kind officer said. And there were hugs all around. Happy day, and an extra peanut for Cali who, though a little subdued, seems none the worse for wear. It's off to the vet's for a wing clip this week, too! Even though we were (thankfully) reunited before Cali's posting hit the site, I want to thank you so much for being there. It felt like a hug when I needed it most.

(3839) Small parrot

San Diego, California . . .


Still can't find this bird's owner! Small parrot, please call to describe- somebody must be missing this bird. Very friendly. Found in Clairemont/Bay Ho area on 4/19/04.

On May1, 2002, my Senegal, Tiler, was lost. I thought I would die from a broken heart. (I'd had him since a baby & for 8 yrs he was like an appendage to me.) I cried every day for +2 years. I could not get past my grief and promised him, in my heart, that I would never stop looking for him. Never,ever. In July 2004, I was combing the birdhotline lost-and-found's and responding to any which had any possibility. I saw ad #3839 in which "small parrot" was the only description. I responded. The gal, America, was wonderful. She never gave me any info about the "found" bird, other than to confirm the info I gave about my bird matched the bird she had. (Someone else actually found him, but knowing little about avian needs, they asked her to take care of him.) I sent pictures and then more pictures. I described behaviors and things that he says and sounds he makes. Point by point, matched the bird she had.

We corresponded for nearly a month. Finally, I remembered a peculiarity: my bird's feet were strangely a different color than any other Senegal I ever saw. I told her and when she confirmed that this bird DID have feet like that, we both were pretty well convinced that this just might be MY bird. I live 500 miles away from her, so we wanted to be pretty sure. I drove there with his old cage and familiar toys. He hopped right in, and I took my BabyBird home. I can't even tell you what a feeling this is! He was gone for 2 long years, but I refused to give up. Thank you, birdhotline and thank you ever so much, America, for taking such good care of my BabyBird and for taking the care to identify his true pet humans.

(6379) Yellow (Lutino) Cockatiel

Eltham/Victoria, Australia . . . Zephyr


Zephyr is a yellow cockatiel with orange cheeks, and is tame although probably very confused and scared now. Lost in the Eltham area of north east melbourne aus

the next day I was doing stuff around the house and kept going outside periodically to call her. And next thing I know I hear her Beeping way way up in a tree ! I could't believe it last time I saw her was quite far away from our house !! She does not know how to fly down so I finally had to climb to a roof and she walked down the criss cross of vines on that specific tree and she came down to my finger !!! I can't believe how happy I am and I am so surprised that she came home ! wow thanks for all your help everyone and my wishes are all very much with you that you too will get your birds back !!!

(3423) Cockatiel

Liberty Hill, Texas . . .


Found at a ranch on County Road 284 in Liberty Hill, Texas, 26 miles NW of Austin. This fairly friendly bird was attending a party, hanging out on the roof and antenna and accepting grapes and cereal from theguests. A few days later, we were able to catch it when it landed on someone's hand.

I ran an ad in the Liberty Hill paper. Someone in my town knew that the family in a neighboring town had lost their cockatiel and gave her the ad. From her description, I was almost positive it was her bird (I did not describe the unusual markings on the back). When she came and brought the bird's mate, it was obvious this was the right family! The mate went wild with joy at seeing him again. : ) This young bird had been missing for months. [Bird HotLine received this posting on 12-3-2003] This was a very happy ending.

(6170) Cockatiel

San Diego/North Park, California . . . Bob


Bob is a normal gray male cockatiel, bright yellow face and orange cheek spots. His feathers under his wings were clipped, but the top wing feathers are fully flighted. He is very sweet, prefers to be held than in a cage. He is very vocal and whistles many tunes. He flew out the door of our North Park home this morning about 8am. He was last seen flying east toward I-805, south of University. He is dearly loved by our family. His bird buddy Bill misses him. Please contact us with any info or sightings. Reward. Connie

Our sweet cockatiel Bob was blessed by an angel today. He was safely returned to us after a harrowing 24 hours. Bob accidently flew out our front door yesterday. In utter shock, my husband and I cruised up and down streets calling for him. My neighbors must of thought I was crazy, as I sat on the roof of our house with binoculars, whistling, calling and crying for our liitle bird. After contacting our local paper, and placing a notice on the Bird Hotline, I called everyone I knew in the area. I am optimistic by nature, but logic told me not to expect to see him again. I said several prayers throughout the day, asking for Bob to found by a compassionate and sensible person. My prayers were answered. Today, a lovely woman who lives five blocks away, saw him sitting on a power line. She called to him and he flew to her, landing on her head. As it turned out, she is an animal health technician and former cockatiel owner. She checked the newspaper and online and was able to find us. She fed Bob, clipped his flight feathers and returned him safely to us. A truly miraculous and happy ending!

(5921) Cockatiel

Peekskill, New York . . . Tonto


Male, Bright Yellow Face, Gray Crest, Gray body, 1 1/2 years old. May have been sighted in Tarrytown NY on or about 8/20.

A wonderful woman told me about The Bird HotLine. I never would've met her if she hadn't answered my lost bird newspaper ad. She thought she'd found my bird. I found Tonto through The Bird HotLine. The incredible people who found Tonto found him on their roof. He came right down to land on their finger.

He left Peekskill in Northern Westchester on Aug. 1. They found him Aug. 15 on Long Island. We were reunited in Sept. I never saw their notice 'til Aug. 28th. We then exchanged descriptions, photos.

Did Tonto fly to Long Island? Did he escape from an intermediate situation? They found him day after blackout.

I'm overwhelmed and overjoyed.

[Note from Bird HotLine: The following is the found listing she saw. We have writen to Tonto's rescuers in hopes they share their side of the story and will add later if they do. This goes to show that you need to check the listings periodically because you never know when fate will step in.]
(3360) Cockatiel

Levittown/Long Island, New York . . .


We have found a very affectionate (spoiled) Cockatiel. It is a standard gray cockatiel with little or no special markings. Has no problems with people.

Contact family using email or phone number listed. Help! There is no email or phone number.

(5785) Half Moon Conure

Arcadia, California . . . Kiwi


Small (approx. 9") green body with orange/red on upper beak. Eyes ringed in white and blue flight feathers. Likes to bite the fingers of strangers but is friendly.

With lots of posters put up some one finally read one. A nice couple found Kiwi in there back yard teasing their dog (he loves dogs and cats). She used an oven mit to pick him up, which she said that he stepped right up. They bought him a cage. It took a 45 minute conversation to convince them how badly we wanted Kiwi home since they wanted to keep him. They had him for the entire 3 weeks he was missing and didn't notice any posters until yesterday while walking their dog at the park. They took the poster down and said it looked like "their bird". They really like him and now want one just like him, Half Moon Conure. They said they bought a book of parrots, but could not find one like him.

We are so happy to have Kiwi home. His kisses are big. He wouldn't go to sleep last night. He talked and talked, played and hugged his bell. Your input on how to be persistant really helped! Thank you for being there through the last 3 weeks of grieving. I will continue to let people know about your web site. The people that called me thinking they might have Kiwi, now know about Bird Hotline.com.

(5379) Cockatiel

Somerset, New Jersey . . . Kistle


Location: Franklin Greens Apartment Complex, Apartment 24-F Somerset, NJ off of1 JFK Blvd Near the Kmart and Stop & Shop shopping area Contact: Mike & Monica Description: Gray & White Body with yellow feathers on head, red cheeks, about 8 inches long - answers to the name Kistle bird

[Received this I'm Home report 6-27-2003 Bird HotLine] After registering Kistle on the Birdhotline, I made fliers and passed them around the area, called pet stores, and continued to walk around the area in the evening and early mornings for the little guy. We were so very upset and our wedding was approaching. There was a lot to do in the next three weeks, so we hoped for the best but in reality we knew he was probably gone. We received a phone call regarding a bird just before the rehearsal, but it wasn't a match. After our honeymoon, I got an email about a found bird, so my husband called and went to see this man who rescues birds. It was a matched, it was Kistle. He had flew into a Home Depot in Old Bridge, NJ (about 20 miles away)and was brought to this man and his sister went on the website and found our email. Thankyou so much!!!!!!!! Words cannot express the happiness brought by this bird. Thank you again Birdhotline!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't ever give up hope!!!!!! Thanks!!!!! Monica & Michael

(5581) Jardines Parrot

Kalamazoo, Michigan . . . Poe


Her name is Poe, and she most often says "Hi Poe". She is a typically colored Jardines Parrot, all bright green, with bright orange on her head and the tops of her wings. She does have a band on her leg but I do not have the numbers. She was lost in the "Vine Street Neighborhood", in Kalamazoo, Thursday evening, June 20. She is very friendly. Some of her other common vocabulary is "Come here, Come on", and "Beeep" loud like an electronic security system, she does this when she is upset.

Poe flew out an open door, and traveled about 2 miles from home. Luckily, the next morning, she landed in the yard of a kind hearted family who took her in, and then searched for us. They saw our posting and contacted us. We are so grateful to those who administer this site for helping us to find our dear friend, and especially grateful to the nice people in Kalamazoo who returned her to us safe and sound.

(5746) Congo African Grey

Ukiah, California . . . Maui


I never thought I would have to write this, but our beloved Maui is a 10 year old male Congo African Grey. He is good size, whistles, talks, rings the phone and answers it. He disappeared on 7/20/2003. We believe he may have escaped through the dog door. We are heart broken and beg any help you could give us.

On Tuesday morning, 7/22/03, I was outside in my backyard listening for any sounds that might be him and I heard his "phone" ringing! I could hear it coming from across my street, but there was a major remolding construction project going on at my neighbors that the sound was distorted. I finally was right in front of the house in question calling to him when a man on the crew spoke up and said "He's been talking to us all morning! They couldn't figure out where the ringing phone was coming from, but wished someone would answer it! There he was up high in a tree in the middle of all the construction work going on. I immediately called my 19 yr. old daughter at work and she climbed up on a roof of the neighboring house with a dish of food. Maui got so excited trying to climb down, the branch broke and off he flew. I ran down the street calling him though, and he made a huge U-turn and landed in a tree within my reach. He steped up only one foot and I had to pry him off the branch, once and for all in my arms. I sobbed with sure love and happiness and wisked him home to his cage!

He was dehydrated and tired, but ok. With a fresh wing clipping and a new plan to shield the dog door, we are eternally grateful to all the prayers and moral support we received. I was at an all time low after the first 24 hours passed, but this web site gave me renewed faith after reading others stories. Don't give up faith. Do keep up the walking and calling, Do put an ad w/pic in the local paper, Do tell everyone you see on the street, put up posters all around including where people congregate, parks, downtown stores, vets and pet shops. People need to know if they find your bird how heartbroken you all are, including the bird. Many blessings to you all and may you become reunited too. With love and Hope, Maui's Mom, Dad, Sisters and Brothers

(5442) Stolen! Cockatoo

New Smyrna Beach, Florida . . . Brutus


Please help find beautiful Brutus. He was taken from a home in Bethune Beach in the New Smyrna Beach area. Brutus is white with yellow under the wing and had a registration band. He says his name, among other things and likes to dance.

[Report received 7-8-2003]The police got involved when Brutus was reported missing and it was found that some teenagers from a nearby home stole him. The teen tried to say she found the bird and her parents apparently believed her! He was returned to my friend, Ron and he is so relieved, as was Brutus. They are reunited and very happy. Ron loves Brutus like a son and we are thankful Brutus is home! Thanks for your site as a chance for someone who can be helped in finding their loved ones.

(5411) Cockatiel

Serra Mesa/San Diego, California . . . Baby


My baby cockatiel flew out the window at around 2:30pm on May 14th. She flew over the fence into a construction/demolition area. I didn't see where she went and the crew was of no help. The scary thing is that this baby is only 5 weeks old and not eating on her own. She needs to come home! She is a cinnamon pearl pied. In otherwords she's mostly yellow with gray splotches on her back and white dots on her back. She is banded AFP 03-01

I just received an email from Barbara who saw the posting on this website. This baby was still being handfed and thus needed to find just the right person to help her get home. Barbara's neighbor found the bird and brought it to Barbara who handfed her until she saw my posting. My baby is home. I can't believe it! It's a miracle!! Lots of prayers have been said for this bird and they were answered!!! Thank you sooo much!!!

(5723) Gray Cockatiel

Hillsboro, Oregon . . . Tweetie


Typical coloring: gray body, yellow head, bright orange cheeks. Escaped from house off of Belmont Court (52nd Avenue/Brookwood/Golden Road) in Hillsboro, Oregon at 8pm. Unlikely to come to person, please call if found. Loves fritos, may come if asked if wants "a chip". Reward if found.

About 24 hours after Tweetie flew away, I was out posting flyers. I drove over to a church parking lot about 4 blocks from our house which is the direction my neighbors had seen him fly. I had been there the night before but he hadn't responded to me. When I called again, I heard chirps in response to my calls. I looked up and finally saw him at the top of a tall pine tree. Relieved, but concerned about how I was going to get him down, I just kept calling and asking if he wanted "a chip." He finally flew down and after much circling, he landed on my head. I then carefully climbed inside the cab of my truck and shut the door. I wouldn't have kept looking so intently if I hadn't read the happy reuniting stories that happened days and even weeks after people had lost their birds. Thank you so much for this site! (I'm now going to learn how to clip his wings!)

(5697) Nanday Conure

Tampa/Seminole Hgts, Florida . . . Baby Bird


Baby Birds cage got knocked over by the puppies and he flew away he was last heard on the corner of 16th and Norfolk. He's green with blue breast and will say " you you " if he's close enough to you. This is his second break out, last time a nice woman found him half starved to death on Armenia and Hillsborough at a high school football game. He's about 4 years old perhaps 5. He has a mate and she's a little besides herself. Please contact me if you hear anything. He's hand raised and is probably scared. Please help!!

The same day he was lost , fortunate for me he flew from the oak Tree he was in and up in to a Magnolia Tree a couple of blocks away. Luckily Nandays are very vocal with a distinct screech and when Nate the female would screech which is all the darn time, he would reply, I was able to get a fix on him this way and spotted him up in the top of the magnolia tree, these trees are very easy to climb firtunate for me and he was about 90 feet up so I climbed the tree and got within three or four feet of him and held out a dead branch and after a few minutes of coaxing him with how beautiful and sweet he is he climbed on and I grabbed him and wrapped him in a shirt stuck him inside my shirt climbed down the tree and carried him home.

(5547) African Gray Parrot

Danville, Virginia . . . Smokey


I lost my African Gray in the North Danville area, this bird is gray in color with bright red tail feathers. He is approxiamately 12 inches tall and is 22 years old. This bird was my birthday present when I turned 16 yrs old, I would have had Smokey for 22 yrs on June 25, 2003. Smokey is VERY friendly and has NEVER bitten any one, he is a WONDERFUL member of my family and I am desperate to find him.

My African Grey was found 6 days after I lost him. The people who found him responded to a large picture ad that I placed in the local newspaper, without placing that ad, I would have never been reunited with Smokey.

(5372) Cockatiel

Langhorne, Pennsylvania . . . Sunshine


Sunshine is a full-grown fancy pale yellow cockatiel with orange cheeks. Her body is completely yellow except for her cheeks. She is about 4 years old. She is a full-flight bird. She was lost in the Langhorne/Trevose area on Saturday, May 4th at about 7:00 pm. She is afraid of everything. If you see her the best thing to do is not to approach her, I am the only one she will let handle her. There will be a generous reward. Thank you very much!

Sunshine was found by a family in Churchville, PA. A boy offerred her bread while she was sitting in their garden. She crawled up the boy's shirt and he was able to walk into the house with Sunshine on his shoulder. The boy asked his mother if it was okay to keep her but she had spoken with someone at her work who had seen one of the "Lost Bird" posters posted throughout the area, so she called us and brought Sunshine back that night. She was gone exactly one week and we are so thankful to have her back home. The family that returned her refused to accept any reward money. We would like to thank everyone who helped in getting the word out that helped to bring Sunshine back home. With sincere gratitude, Tony, Jennifer & Sunshine!

(5362) Congo African Grey

Lancaster, New York . . . Zazu


Heartbroken family looking for our beloved Zazu all over Lancaster area, around Como Lake Park. Zazu is one and a half years old, loves to cuddle and kiss.

After 11 days of looking Zazu is home!! Someone who was listening to two men talking about finding an African Grey Parrot were overheard. She decided to call me from the ad I had put in the paper. She left a number I could reach the person at. To make a long story short, I believe that this person who found my bird was not going to give him back. If it wasn't for the woman who called me, I would've never gotten Zazu back. I thank her so very much for all the happiness she gave me back!! Always keep hope in your heart and never give up because you never know how things can work out. Unfortunately I'm sure there are a lot of birds found that are not returned. I am just thankful that someone had the sense to do the right thing. I will thank her everyday!!!

(5376) Cockatiel

Royal Oak/Berkley, Michigan . . . Denny


Lost at 1 1/2 Mile and Woodward. Please help. Devastated by loss. Denny one of my gray male cockatiel flew out of a house he was temporarily staying in while my own home was under construction. The home he flew away from is located in Berkley Michigan. But it on the edge of Royal Oak, pleasant Ridge, Farmington and Birmingham. The subdivision is located on the West side of Woodward and 11 1/2 mile rd. (which 11 1/2 mile rd is called Catalpa.)

DENNY is home again! I still can't believe the odds. But its true he was found yesterday. He was found almost 12 miles away from where he was lost. I received a call around 1:00pm yesterday 5/8/03. When I heard the location of where the bird was found it seemed unlikely to me that it would be Denny. But I knew I had to see for myself. When I saw him, he looked to be in bad shape. He had lost weight, his tail feathers were 11/2'' shorter. And as a result of how he must have been feeling his feather were all puffed up." He was almost lifeless and could hardly open his eyes to acknowledge me, or his name. For a split second I said, " That's not my bird." But I looked at him, and I knew it was him.
From there we went straight to the vet. And after a clean bill of health and a long nap, he started eating and drinking again. He is now back home resting. He is not quite back to his old self yet. But I've seen 100% improvement from the lost and exhausted bird I almost questioned to! be mine. My prayers have been answered. So many nice people went out of their way to help me. I just want everyone to know I did receive email from people who had viewed this and other sites. I would like to tell those families that are still searching for their birds, that there is hope. Don't give up. GET THE WORD OUT. Especially in the first few days. In 3-4 days when your bird is hungry and tired and lonely he will go to someone. And the key is to inform as many people and places as possible. I spent 2 days calling everyone who would listen. From police stations to animal shelters, pet stores and animal hospitals. I had lost bird adds in every paper I could think of. I called agencies as far as an hour away from where he was lost. Ultimately this is how he was reunited with me. The wonderfully people who found him, made ONE phone call to there local shelter. That's all it took! And now he's back home, back with his mommy. And back with his buddy, Ba-boo my other cockatiel. He is back in our family where he is very loved Thanks again everyone! Sincerely Joanne

(5345) Male Cockatiel

Chesapeake, Virginia . . . Sunshine


Pale yellow, white bright yellow head and orange cheeks. Wings are NOT clipped. Missing from Las Gaviotas section of Great Bridge. Approximately 4 years old. Will sometimes whistle back to anyone whistling a "cat call" that men whistle to women - if you do that, he responds in like. He may respond to command "step up" if being handled, as he does know this command to step up onto a hand or arm. Knows tricks like hanging upside down and spreading his wings, while being told "Good Sunshine, spread your wings! Pretty bird!"

Sunshine was found by some people on the golf course in my nrighborhood, and taken to the nearby vet clinic. One of the girls working there has been keeping him safely at her home, and one of her co-workers saw my flyer, posted by my Mother, when she was at our local PetsMart store. She called me today to tell me that her co-worker had a found cockatiel matching Sunshine's decsription! I called and have made arrangements to bring him home tomorrow!

We are so grateful and encourage everyone who has lost a beloved pet bird to send e-mails with an attachment of the flyers to everyone they know and ask them to print them out and post them. This is what is bring Sunshine home to us tomorrow, and we thank BirdHotline for their wonderful website which gave us hope!

(5347) Congo African Grey

Astoria Queens, New York . . . Maitai


Please help me find my baby, he is a large African Grey that has been with me for 4 years. He is not a pet but a family member. We haven't slept for days. He was seen in the neighborhood in the vicinity of 27Street and 21st Avenue. Please if you have any information please call me Will pay a substantial reward. We are worried sick.

A very kind man found him and was viewing the lost pet directory on the computer and called.

(5288) Orange Wing Amazon

Tucson(22nd/Craycroft area), Arizona . . . Baby


Baby is approx 5 years old. He is mostly green, with yellow circles on his cheeks and blue on his forehead along with the orange under his wings. His wings are not clipped, but he hasn't tried to fly in spite of this. He is friendly, but a big baby sometimes. He is kept on a perch only and is a homebody, so we are concerned what may happened with him as he has never gotten outside before. There are alot of stray cats in our area, but our cat doesn't bother him. Please contact my email address. Thanks

My husband was leaving for work around 6pm (1 1/2 days after we found Baby gone)when he thought he heard our birds normal screech. We listened more, and sure enough, we heard his screech again then he started saying 'hello'. He ended up being in our neighbors back yard on a piece of fencing. He seemed very happy to be home and we sure were glad that he was home, safe and sound. It was a long day & a half that he was gone so we are just thankful that he is safe. He was very happy to be on his perch again but was pretty thirsty. Even our dog was happy to see him again! I was pretty sure that we were never going to see our Baby again so just wanted everyone to know that there is hope when you pray.

(5266) Cockatiel

Beckley, West Virginia . . . Rosie


Rosie is a yellow cockatiel, with orange cheeks, she is 2 years old. She has a tag on her leg. She escaped when her cage was being cleaned & the top came off. Thank you very, very much!!!!!

My pet Cockatiel was found today and is home in her cage. We had followed the instructions on the Bird Hotline and put out the posters with her picture and our phone number and someone saw it at the local convenience store and made the call. We had offered a reward which helped get her home and it worked. She survived two days and nights of hard rain and temps reaching as low as 30 degrees. She was only one street over from my house but of course I had no way of knowing she was so close. We had also placed her picture in the local newspaper which had just came out today but it turned out that the posters placed around town was what worked in the case. She is acting strange but is sleeping soundly and acts as if she has not sleep any while she was gone. She drank water for several minutes as well and ate real fast. I must say, the REWARD, is what got her back, it does not have to be big & you don't have to put on the sign how much you will give, just put, "reward offered", I gave him $25.00, that is what I had in my purse, & he was happy. But he said that he really considered keeping her if there was no money involved, sad but true.....so remember, there is a chance, & there is HOPE Thanks for reading my story, & I hope it will help someone get their sweet bird back.

(5267) Pacific Parrotlet

Colorado Springs, Colorado . . . Kiwi


Kiwi slipped out the front door of our house just a little east of Colorado College on 4/10/03. She is a typical female Pacific Parrotlet. She is about 5" long, weighs about 30 grams. She's sort of olive green with a beautiful blue area on her rump. Her legs and beak are horn colored. She has a little stumpy tail. She is feisty, and while tame she might nip you if she doesn't know you. Her wings are not clipped. She is wearing band # 137B1056. She's almost 4 years old and I've had her since she was a baby. I am offering a reward for her return.

It's my parrotlet, Kiwi! I just filled out the form and submitted her photo this evening and she's already home! I am so happy I could fly! I called back and forth to her all day while she was up in the trees, but lost sight of her in the afternoon. Just a few minutes ago, the college kids from across the street came knocking at my door to tell me she had flown down onto somebody's shoulder and the guy didn't know what to do with her! Luckily, I had gotten the word out about her escape really fast, so one of them knew she was mine. The ironic part is that I've been a member of the Bird Patrol for a long time and this time it was MY BIRD! Hallelujah for happy endings!

(5309) Senegal Parrot

Florence/Cincy area, Kentucky . . . BJ


Small Parrot around 9" in length, with a gray head, green body and yellow belly. Lost off of Pleasant Valley Rd in Florence, Ky. He loves crackers and sunflower seeds. He says Come Here and Whistles the Andy Griffith Song, The Wolf Whistle, and The Mexican Hat Dance. We miss him very much!

BJ was lost on 4/13/03 which is also my wife's birthday. We had been looking for him fratically for 10 days, walking around the neighborhood for hours whistling and calling his name. I finally decided to put an ad in the newspaper for a lost bird, and within one day we got a call that they had found our bird 25 miles away from home. He got caught up in a very windy day, so if you are looking for your bird look in the direction of the wind. He is home, but he has been through a lot, and he just hasn't gotten into his cheery self. Thanks again!

(5132) Pionus

Ingram, Texas . . . Missy


We lost Missy our Pionus in Ingram, Texas in the neighborhood, Cypress Falls. She is approx. 2 pounds, 12 inches tall. She is mostly green with purple in her tail feathers and a red breast. She is a very nice bird, but i am sure at this time she is frightened and may not come to a stranger. She has a leg band so I can identify her if she is found. Any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.

We put fliers out everywhere, contacted radio stations, newspapers and all the vets and pet shops in the area. I was called on 2/25/03 at 8:15 am and a lady 2 blocks away told me she thinks she sees my bird. She said I can't promise it is her but it looks like it could be. We rushed over and it was. The worst part is in the two days she was gone we had some of the worst weather we had all year. It was freezing and icy outside. I was so worried she would never survive, but with the help of many great people we got her out of the tree and rushed her to the vet where she was given a clean bill of health. He said the fact that we feed her pellets instead of seed she was better able to survive the weather. She is now at home resting and warming up. She is eating well and doing great. We are so greatful to everyone who helped us in finding her safe. Thank you again to all.

(2830) Peach Faced Love Bird

Tucson, Arizona . . .


Found in Vista del Sahuaro neighborhood, close to Booth Fickett school. The bird is in good health and is being well cared for. The love bird has a peach face and green feathers. The owner will be asked for other identifying marks so that this adorable bird can go home. Call either Tim or Theresa. Leave a message if we don't answer.

We just received a call yesterday, (3-20-2003) after my wife found him four months ago and listed him with you. Thank you for your assistance. -Tim and Theresa.

(2715) Parakeet/Budgie

Van Nuys, California . . .


Found near Van Nuys airport. Male, has blue cere & yellow eyes, def. a male bird! Appears young, 8 mos to a year old...

[Bird Hotline: This just came in so we don't know when the bird was found.] I placed a "found budgie" ad at birdhotline.com and also in the local pennysaver in Van nuys, CA. A week or so later I got a call from nice lady desparate to find her lost budgie Seven. She contacted me & I asked her to describe this lovely little budgie which she did...to a TEE...His color, behavior, voice--all of it!

After she had described the bird to me and when she came over to see the bird I had found it was obvious to me that it was indeed HER birdie:):) She even brought his cage with her that day--a beautiful blue powder coated cage-just like the color of her little budgie!

I am SO very happy to report an "I'm HOME" happy ending to this story! I got involved in being a Bird Patroller in 1998 after losing my own beloved pearl Cockatiel Jasmine, & discovering the wonderful & loving people at Birdhotline.com who...like me lost their bird, never found it--- and decided to DO "something" about it even though they never found their beloved Conure. I never found my Jasmine either, but decided that I HAD to make something good come out of my loss so I got invloved with Birdhotline & became a proud Bird Patroller! Just this ONE success story has brought me joy beyond belief, for I was able to help reunite one sweet little lost birdie with "his" beloved human. I have the Birdhotline.com "button" hyperlinked to this site on every single page of my website: www/geocities.com/exoticbrdz/ I get a lot of "hits" there at my aviary website & I DO believe that very little bit helps the cause!

I hope I can help more people and their lost beloved birds find each other, as the reward I felt inside my heart when I was able to help this ONE birdie find his Mommy brought me joy & happiness beyond words! Thank You Birdhotline, you people are amazing, kind hearted souls and I am proud to call you ALL part of MY birdie family:)>

(4918) African Grey

Pleasanton, California . . . Gracie


Gracie flew out our open back door 1 pm when she was spooked. She is only a year and a half old. Her wings are partially clipped. She is a smallish female, and will step up, but she's skittish, esp. with strangers. Please help us find her! We are all heartbroken and she is vey much missed. She has a leg band, but is not microchipped. Reward. She is a gray bird with a red tail, about 10 inches tall.

She's back!! This really is a miracle. Almost exactly 48 hours after Gracie flew away, and after 2 40 degree nights, I got a phone call. One of the veterinary clinics I had brought a flier to the day before called and said, "I think we may have your bird." It seems that Gracie flew smack into an office window,about 2 miles away from my home, stunning herself. This wonderful lady heard her, went outside, scooped her up and called the vet hosp. They told her to bring her in, that someone had just lost a bird fitting her descrition. Anyways, I was there to get her in 10 minutes, and she was dehydrated, and very disoriented. I almost didn't recognize her. Now, 3 days later, its like she was never gone. Totally back to normal. I have her on antibiotics twice a day, per my veterinarian. To everyone out there, don't give up, and get the word out to everyone and anyone you can! In my case it definetly made all the difference.

(4818) Cockatiel

Tucson, Arizona . . . Cha Cha


White cockatiel, named Cha Cha 2 yrs old, answers to what. Please call 623 4665. Lost between Broadway, Kino and Park. San Antonio Barro Cha Cha is a white bird with orange cheeks, her mate is really upset.

Some young girl called my mom who called me, this is 2 weeks after he went missing. She saw my lost bird over the internet. Went to Tucson immediately. It was Cha Cha. Can tell has been thru abit of trauma, not as loud as he used to be, but when Cha Cha saw his mate all was well, the talking began. Believed the girl wanted to keep him, but you know, my Cha Cha has to come home. He is very happy with Elvis, they are preening away and very happy. Thank You Bird Hotline and all the people who read it. We are a happy family again. Was found about 14 blocks from where he was missing. Thank You

(4887) Congo African Grey

Gloucester, Virginia . . . Peekachu


Female Congo African Grey. She is microchipped and registered with Avid. She is a light grey and weighs 478 grams. I can be contacted through my email -

We found Peekachu in a neighbors yard only 3 houses down from ours. The area we live in still has patches of forest between and behind most of the homes. My children, their friends and I were taking a break from putting up posters when we heard her. We have a very noisy conure (Skipper) also and had brought her out in her cage in hopes of Peekachu hearing her friend and responding. It worked! We found Peek in a holly tree by following her calls to Skipper. Thank you for your site. The responses on your I'm home page were very comforting to read while Peekachu was gone. All the birds now have fresh wing clips and one of the lost bird posters is going up in our bird room as a reminder.

(4873) Amazon Yellow Head

Imperial Beach, California . . . Daisy Mae Parrot


Daisy Mae-14 inches head to tail, flew off Halloween eveing, wings partially clipped. She is green bodied, red shouldered, yellow crown, some yellow around bare eye ring. She flew towards 10th st from 12th st and IB Blvd. She is an athlete, and 2 years, 5 months old. She lives with 4 other parrots. We will be on the roof this AM at sunrise with her mommy parrot calling to her to try to find her. We are heartbroken. Glo & Shawn

Placed Mother parrot in a safe cage on the roof prior to sunrise. Spread peanuts on roof (favorite food). Shined flashlight on Mother to produce awake and noisey conditions. Mother was not as noisey as usual but ocassionally would scream. Searched the neighborhood for several blocks in the direction of flight. Returned and observed Mother was quiet when hearing other screams. Followed the sound of the screams to the opposite direction of flight. Daisy sitting on fence in front yard, trying to get someone to feed her. She flew back on her own, possibly with the help of Mom's screams. We live next to a busy 4 lane street, which hindered any sound assistance at times. Thank you for your web service, thank God she is home fast.

(4830) African Grey Parrot (Congo)

Mar Vista near Palms/Centinela, California . . . Humbert


Humbert somehow opened up his cage door and flew away this morning. He is a Congo African Grey, gray body with red tail, and he likes to say "It's okay!" when he's scared. We have had him for 16 years and we know he's frightened and wants to come home. Please help him!

Humbert had been gone for 12 days as of today. We had, realistically, very little hope of finding him. I placed an ad in the Los Angeles Times, and a local bird lover noticed both my ad and an ad in the Venice, CA local paper mentioning a found bird. She gave me the number and I called and talked to Dwight who, after hearing me describe Humbert and his favorite words, said "I think this is your bird." He had apparently already fended off at least one person who wanted a free bird and claimed Humbert was hers. I went to Dwight's house tonight, and Humbert heard my car driving up and starting shrieking! It was obvious it was Humbert. It turns out Humbert flew west from our house and turned up two days later, many floors up in a half-constructed building. He was very hungry and he let Dwight pick him up and take him home. Dwight didn't know much about birds, but he bought a cage and a book and took great care of Humbert, feeding him good foods and letting him sleep in a tree inside his bedroom at night. All these nights it's been so cold, and I've been heartbroken thinking about my freezing, starving bird -- and he was inside and well fed all that time! (Thank goodness). Dwight said he really liked Humbert, but had read that Greys bond with their owners for life, and he was sad thinking Humbert would always be missing us. I pray that all of you will get your precious birds back home. Don't give up! We almost did. Susan

(4807) Congo African Grey

Poway, California . . . Abbey


Lost Grey parrot. Please return. His mate misses him and is calling. He says "Hello Abbey." This is a breeder bird. REWARD.

After 12 days, Abbey is HOME!!! He was found in Rancho Penesquitos about 5 miles from Poway, then taken to a breeder in La Mesa. She called me and told me she had my bird! Abbey is a little sore...he has an injury to his head and thigh, but seems ok. Wolfie his mate is thrilled to have him home. Thanks to ALL THAT HELPED!!!!!!!

(4702) Bronzed Wing Pionus

Sherwood, Oregon . . . Saphire


REWARD OFFERED!!! Please help us find our bird. She is a Bronzed Wing Pionus Parrot. She is 7" tall and brown in color except for under her wings and tail. Her other colors are: orange, blue, yellow, and blue/green. She is only 1 yr. old and we miss her dearly. She flew from our back yard on 9/14/02, we live in South Sherwood, Or. She is very gentle and soft spoken. Please respond if you can help us. Thank you

The lady that had Sapphire found Frans Bird Rescue web site in Oregon and contacted them and Fran put us in touch with the wonderful women who gave Sapphire back to us.

(4696) Gray Female Cockatiel

Bruswick, Maine . . . Louise


Louise flew out the door in Brunswick, Maine on 9/12/02. She is the very much loved pet of Susan and Chris. Cockatiels are known to be strong flyers - so she may have travelled quite a distance in short time. Please help bring Louise home - her family misses her.

Louise, a normal gray cockatiel was found by a family on Sat. (9/14) evening. She was found several miles from our house and in the next town over. The family reported a found bird to the police department. I had posted a flyer there and the family made contact through the flyer on Sunday a.m. We picked her up at noon on Sun. She's been seen by her avian vet and is on antibiotics for a slight respiratory infection but she is otherwise fine. Flyers and networking works. This is a miracle for us.

(4692) Cockatiel

St. Louis Park, Minnesota . . . Scooter


Scooter is a yellow cockatiel with orange cheeks. Her wings are not clipped. She was lost near Methodist Hospital just south of Excelsior Blvd near Minnehaha Creek.

Someone saw a flyer we posted, talked to a friend who had a cockatiel land on his shoulder during a lunch break outside, called us and we got in contact with the person who had our bird. We brought her favorite food and my wife wore earrings that Scooter liked to play with. IT WAS HER! She was found 4 miles away from our home. We are very lucky birdie parents who are going to get Scooter's wings clipped tomorrow. Thank you for offering this service.

(4577) Yellow Lutino Cockatiel

Rochester, Massachusetts . . . Petri


Help me find my way home. I am a 6 1/2 year old male yellow lutino cockatiel, with blue leg band(if on),not up to date clipped wings, orange cheeks.I went for a flight out my cage feed door and have gotten lost. My wife is worried and my owner and family are grieving. My reward is now up to $300. Help me get home.

Received a call tonight about a lutino cockatiel, from another person looking for their bird, called the number that I was given and went and saw the bird. Sure enough it was Petrie!!!!!!!!! Persimmon , his bird wife was very happy and I can not believe he is home!!! 2 weeks and 8 miles away.

(2593) Cockatiel

Warrington, Pennsylvania . . .


Friendly gray cockatiel, not sure of sex. Doesn't mind children or dogs. Please reply with detailed description, or photo if possible.

Owner contacted me after found ad was placed, and gave me a very accurate description and photo.

(4045) Congo African Grey

San Jose, California . . . Gandalf


Gandalf is a male African Grey. He is gray with a red tail, 12 inches long and weighs one pound.

After four months and eight days, a miracle has occurred! Gandalf the African Grey is home. We think he was out for the entire 4 months. After an article was run in the local paper, we got several calls reporting a loose African Grey in an area 15 miles from our home. The very next day we were contacted by a wonderful young man, who had managed to coax Gandalf to him. We went up that night and collected him, but were unsure it was really him due to the time that had passed. All doubts were erased when he got home and was instantly relaxed and comfortable with us and our home. Don't give up hope. Too many people give up too soon! I see that all the time here in my area. They run an ad for a week and then decide the bird is gone for good. Most people think they can't survive but these guys are true survivors!

(4655) African Grey Congo

Wilmington, North Carolina . . . Shank


Gray with red tail. Near 1#. 1.5 years old.

I spoke with neighbors and the local children, descibed his vocal expressions. The next morning my neighbor heard Shank and called us immediately. He was lost 8/30, & found 9/1. This website gave me hope and ideas crucial to finding my friend. Thankyou.

(4654) African Grey Parrot

San Diego, California . . . Cherokee


Cherokee was lost early evening in the Laurel St. area of Bankers Hill, San Diego. Her wings are clipped, but she glided off of our apartment building. She says many things, including "hello", "what's up buddy", she loves to whistle, meow, bark, and is very loving. We love her very much, and will offer a reward for her return. She is medium gray, with black eyes and red tail feathers.

Cherokee's Daddy went looking for her, street by street through a neighborhood and a canyon. 18 hours after she flew off (with clipped wings, but she got a breeze) he found her about a mile away. She was behind a house on top of a trash can. She wasn't injured--just tired, hungry, thirsty and dirty. We looked almost non-stop, and were very very lucky to get her back. Thank you for this service--as helpless as we felt after losing her, it's nice to have a place to instantly get your information out.

(2607) Cockatiel

Demond, Indiana . . .


Found tame cockatiel in Demond, Indiana. He/she is gray/white.

I was on vacation and a friend was watching my Prince for me. I had told her that some cleaners are harmful or deadly to birds. So when she was cleaning she set his cage on the deck. Her 3 year old wanted to pet the bird and opened the cage when my friend was not looking. The bird flew away. My friend and I was surfing the web looking for places to search or report lost birds when we found the bird hotline. Thank You Bird HotLine because I now have my Prince back. THANK YOU to the people that had him for taking good care of him and all the people that helped me get in contact with the people that had him! I am so happy to have him back, and I am going tomorrow to get another cockatiel or two to keep him company because the nice people that had him had him in an aviary. So I am getting him new friends so he will never be lonely for the companionship of another bird again.

(4051) Gray Cockatiel

Sturgis, Michigan . . . Emmy


Lost our children's bird. Female Gray Cockatiel, 2 years old. Yellow face, orange cheeks, grey and yellow body with white flecks. Has band on her foot. Is very social, needs human contact. She flew out our front door in Sturgis and flew around the neighborhood for several hours before we lost sight of her. Likes to be hand fed. Sorely missed already. REWARD offered! Krysti

Very weird story! Our cockatiel escaped from our house on the south side of town. We have had "Emmy" for 1 1/2 years, my sister's (Kelli)family has had theirs for about 1 year. Neither one have ever escaped before. Two days after our cockatiel flew out the front door, her cockatiel "Rocky" flew out his front door too. She lives on the north side of town, about 12 blocks from me. She called me up as soon as it happened and said that she was going to drive around the neighborhood and listen for Rocky's distinctive chirp. I told her good luck as we were no longer able to hear Emmy chirping anywhere in our neighborhood. She called 40 minutes later and said that she found Rocky in a tree, along with Emmy, about 10 blocks east of her house. I could hardly believe it! I grabbed Emmy's cage and drove down to the address as fast as I could. Sure enough, as soon as I stepped foot out of my vehicle, Emmy started chirping away, and there was Rocky by her side. They had met each! other several times over the past year whenever we went out of town. Rocky was a life saver, we had now located our bird and it was because of his escape, but how were we going to get them down? Kelli and I stood out there for a good 45 minutes, whistling and calling their names. They flew from tree to tree, trying to figure out how to get down to the ground. All the tree limbs between them and us were very confusing to these house pets. Three blocks and five trees later and two angry blue-jays later, we were almost within reach to both of them. Rocky finally left a lower branch, took flight and landed right on his cage that Kelli was holding. Now it was Emmy's turn. She kept cocking her head and looking down at me as if to say "come get me". Finally she too took flight, but instead landed on the roof of the house near the tree. I held her cage up to entice her, but instead she took flight and landed on my head. I immediately nabbed her and put her into her cage, with fresh water and food which she happily devoured. She was so greatful, as was I. I was amazed at Rocky's accomplishment. And luckily we had warm weather for the two days that Emmy was "free". It was an unusually warm record-setting two days, which was good for Emmy. The night after reuniting with her, the temperatures outside dropped to their overnight normal of 45 degrees. Emmy had a guardian Angel on her side, and Rocky was his name. - Krysti

(4530) African Grey

Hewlett, New York . . . Lucky aka Kuka


Lightish African Grey. Says "How are you" and some Spanish words. Banded and sweet. Bird is fully flighted and flew off when she became frightened. Family is devastated and offers a reward.

I am happy to report that the grey listed above has been found as of today. The family that found her called the local parrot organization who recalled getting a call about a lost grey. They phoned the owner and the grey is now home! Thanks for your posting.

(3945) African Grey

Raleigh, North Carolina . . . Goose


"Goose" was lost near UNC-State campus on Dixie Trail. He is about the size of a crow, has a white face & red tail feathers, and is four-years-old.

mainly due to a pre-dawn temperature low of 36 degrees. He has recovered well thanks to the good Samaritan who took him to the After Hours Animal Emergency Clinic on Vick Avenue in Raleigh after spotting him in the back yard on the ground and very weak. The treatment provided by the clinic's personnel probably saved his life. He was there for an additional 50 hours until the last of the county's animal hospitals and vets had been contacted by phone, email and/or snail mail while 350 flyers were being distributed in the local neighborhood (under car windshield wipers and attached to front doors). Goose is now home with his human. We were very happy and relieved to find each other.

Even if I had not found him, I would have been comforted in knowing that I had done what was possible for increasing the odds. Websites like this one do increase the odds. You have done a responsible and loving thing by submitting your lost pet here. Thank you Bird HotLine for this excellent site. --David, Raleigh

(3555) Nanday Conure

Tomball, Texas . . . Okra


Okra is approx. 4 months old, nandy conure. Green body with black head, darker green wings, light blue coloration on chest and rest feathers around his legs. He is still a baby so his feet are black. He is not banded. He likes landing on heads, and is a friendly bird. We miss him dearly. Okra come back to us! Ask for Sara, Winton, or Judy in regards to lost bird.

When Okra flew away in August 2001, I was sure I'd never see him again then Okra came home just this week, 02-18-2002, six months later. I plastered Lost Bird posters all over my town and called every bird person I knew. Well, after about the last month I gave up hope because Houston winter was setting in and I knew he wouldn't make it in the wild. Then, tonight, something miraculous happened. I was laying down because I'm sick, and the phone rang. It was Donna, who said she saw my Lost Bird poster at PetSmart. It seems her cousin was standing out in the yard and a nanday conure landed on his shoulder. He gave it to Donna since she had experience with birds (and a bird cage). She had him for about two weeks. I knew it was my Okra the minute I saw him because he crawled up my arm, onto my shoulder and gave me a love nip on the neck like he always used to. When we got home, I put him in his cage to go to sleep and he crawled into his birdie tent that he LOVED before he flew away. I could probably write 10 million reasons why I know its him, but needless to say, my Okra came back to me. I thank God for this miracle, and now Okra's little wings are clipped. Thank you, Bird HotLine, for letting us all post our lost/found birds here.
(2846) Stolen! African Grey Congo

Ottawa, Illinois . . .


Beautiful African Grey Congo stolen from Frank's Pet Shop in the Southtown Mall in Ottawa Illinois. Manager's personal pet. Two men entered the business Tuesday, February 6, 2001 and left with the bird about 2:30 p.m. in a red Ford Escort. There is a $500.00 reward for his return. Because he was stolen we are not submitting his name. Owner can identify. He has a small mark above his right eye. Any and all help will be most appreciated. The owner is heartsick. I am a Bird Hotline member who has also lost an African Grey. I purchase my seed from this shop and know what a beautiful bird this is, I'm just trying to help Tammy bring him home.

I reported this stolen bird last 2/6/01 when he was stolen from Frank's Pet Shop. He is an African Grey Congo. Today, 1/28/02, the bird has been recovered by the police and was fortunately being taken care of. Everybody involved is very happy to have him returned! [Bird HotLine: We asked for more details and this is what Chris has to say.]

Steve and Sandy, yes, he was recovered last Saturday, 1/26/02, as part of an on going investigation. A fingerprint found on the cage at the pet store was identified to a hispanic man from LaSalle, Illinois, about 30 miles away from here, he admitted to stealing the bird however Smokey was being kept in Peoria Illinois about an hour and a half from here. He had been well taken care of, thank God, and now Smokey is back home where he belongs. The owner of the pet shop is going to keep him at her home from now on. There was a big picture of him in our newspaper last night. This has taught us all a valuable lesson, they now keep all their birds under lock and key and the birds they babysit are now kept in the back room. Before the bird was stolen my own birds stayed there while we were on vacation and loved it because of all the attention they got from everyone. I am so happy for them, he was stolen February 6, last year, fortunately there were caring people that stuck with the case. It makes me think so much about my African Grey Timneh that escaped from us while we were camping on Memorial Day 1999 at Francis Park outside of Kewanee Illinois. He was the most beautiful intelligent bird I have ever known. I pray he is in good hands if he can't be home with me. Thank you for your help and concern. Chris

(3810) Cockatiel

Eden Prairie, Minnesota . . . Raja


"Raja" is a vibrant yellow cockatiel. She has a loud chirp almost a shriek. It flew outside high up into the trees and wouldn't come back down. I'm trying to help my friend find her bird. Raja has been with her for ten years.

Amazing! The minute I heard that my friend's bird "Raja" flew away I visited the birdhotline.com site.( I keep important "bird links" bookmarked on my browser as helpful resources for my own cockatiels.) I found a report on a bird found in Bloomington, MN the same time that Raja flew away. I responded to the report, but didn't hear from the finder right away, so I decided to follow-up on her posting which said she may take the bird to animal control . I called animal control and sure enough, I learned that a vibrant yellow cockatiel had been there for about one week. I called my friend. She had already packed up Raja's cage and was grieving for the loss of her cockatiel. She was certainly skeptical to hope that the bird they had at animal control could be hers. But, she went to the office and sure enough it was Raja!!! We were all so surprised. Thanks for this resource! Not only is Raja back with her family, I was able to really make someone happy!
[Bird HotLine: If you are curious, what follows is the found report she was talking about.]

(2226) Cockatiel

Bloomington, Minnesota . . .


We found this bird in our back yard. It seems tame. We have the bird in a box inside but we don't know how to care for it. It is yellow with bright orange circle on its neck. We have called animal control but would prefer to send it home directly.

(3802) Blue and Gold Macaw

Helotes, Texas . . . Bailey


Bailey is a 4 year old blue and gold macaw lost in Helotes, Texas which is right outside of San Antonio. She was last seen at the Elm Hollow Apts, around 5:00 Pm on 11/30/2001. I believe she was taken and probably sold. She has an O.k. vocabulary, but like most birds she doesn't talk when you ask her to! She had a band on her right leg, but you can't read the numbers, they have worn off.

I offered a large reward in the paper and on flyers spread all over the city. I received a call from a lady saying she had had her all week and decided to come forward when she heard I was offering a reward.

(3684) Military Macaw

Jacksonville, Florida . . . Frankie


Frankie is a 1 1/2 year old Military Macaw. He flew away from our house in the Kensington Subdivision. This is between Atlantic and Beach off Kernan in Jacksonville. He is almost all green except for the red stripe on his head and yellow feathers under his wing. He will say a few words: Hello Frankie and come here.

I began leaving flyers and calling out his name. Frankie answered me with his usual screech. He was stuck high up in a Pine tree. My husband and I tried to no avail to get him down. We tried to scale the tree (too small) after 2 bee stings, we started shaking the tree and he floated down to my hand. Thank you for all of your help. Just knowing someone was there to listen was the best. I am so glad he is back with us.

(3181) Cockatiel

Conshohocken, Pennsylvania . . . Chesterbird


Chester has a lot of yellow in him with some gray on his wings. He has orange cheeks. He has a band on one ankle. He is very friendly. He sits on people's heads and shoulders. He is very verbal, although, his owners would probably be the only one who could figure out what he is saying. He answers to "Hello Chesterbird".

and also the second report next...

(3641) Cockatiel

Torresdale section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . . . Chesterbird/Manny


Yellow and white cockatiel with gray wings and blue band on right ankle. Was originally lost in Conshohocken in May. Found by a gentleman and taken to Torresdale, Philadelphia, PA where he was lost again in September.

Chesterbird flew out of our house on 05/31/01. I have been searching endlessly for him since. On Sunday evening, I saw a lost and found ad for a similar bird in the paper. I called Dennis on Monday and we spoke and felt it was Chesterbird. He had found him the end of May, eight miles from here, took him home and has been taking care of him ever since, but Chesterbird flew from his home last Wednesday. I went up to Dennis' house with flyers to post and asked a guard at an apartment complex to hang it in his window. He told me that somone in the complex had found a cockatiel last week. I got in touch with them an sure enough, it was Chesterbird. He is now home after four months. Hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(3518) Quaker Parakeet

Vienna, Virginia . . . Brutus


Brutus has been in the area around my home until August 15th. He is very smart with alot of attitude. Loves bananas and anything red. Sometimes he answers to the name of "Baby".

After 3 long months of persistance and patience and finding him 4 miles away, Brutus is home. Once I found him, at the generosity of a gentleman who called our local county shelter, I began feeding all the birds in an empty parking lot. Eventually, Brutus found the food. 3 weeks ago I placed an old bird cage with the seed in it at the normal feeding area. He finally found his way in and was quickly on his way home. Thank you for your support.

(2108) Lory

Inglewood, California . . .


Lory - Lorikeet - Smaller-Medium Sized Bird. Multi-colors. Tame. We wish owner to identify exact breed of Lory and colors and identifying markings. Found off of Manchester Avenue in Inglewood-Westchester area of Los Angeles on 9/21/01. Your bird is in knowledgable hands for a Lory - and local bird clubs have been notified. If owner not found, we will be putting up for adoption.

We contacted the Lory Society of Breeders through our local bird clubs and a Lory owner, the manufacturer of Lory Nectar and both knew immediately who this Lory belonged to. She is a breeder, and one of only 12 known in the US - rare, and not a pet - the owner was found in less than a few hours after the contacts were made and he verified the band number immediately. She escaped 2 blocks from where she was found and was only brought into LA for medical treatment. We ran ads, contacted local vets & stores, but this didn't work. Sometimes you need to make an extra effort to find an owner. Pat

(3515) Cockatiel

Exton, Pennsylvania . . . Phoebe


Gray cockatiel, bright orange cheeks, some white. Will repeat the whistle when you do the "cat whistle". Loves peanuts. Very friendly. Phoebe has an orange ID band on her foot. She is sadly missed. Please email with any info. Thank you.

We were devastated when Phoebe flew out the door on 8/17/01. We posted on your website, distributed flyers throughout the neighborhood and retail shops , called the SPCA, the area vets, and ran an ad in the local newspapers for a week.

We had just about given up hope that we would ever see her again when the phone rang on 8/27. A woman said that she had found a cockatiel and had been given our name by someone who had also posted their lost cockatiel on your website. She had found Phoebe only two days after we had lost her, six miles away! Our rescuer had contacted the SPCA, but through an error on their part, they said that there was no report on a lost cockatiel. It was only through her persistence to find the owners that she managed to find your website and reunite us with our precious Phoebe. I would like to thank the kind woman again who referred the rescuer to us. You have all made our family very happy. Your website is invaluable. Thank you!

(3473) Cockatiel

Berkeley, California . . .


Cockatiel lost in Berkeley, CA August 4, 2001. Flew away in North Berkeley between Arlington and Alameda streets not far from Hinkel Park and the top of Solano Avenue. Pearly gray colored, tame and friendly, crest, orange cheeks, otherwise mottled gray, white, and yellow with a mostly yellow head, about 6" long. Reward.

After 9 long days, our cockatiel was recovered from high in a Eucalyptus tree about 4 blocks away when the residents heard and saw her, remembered the lost bird signs we'd plastered all over the local telephone poles, and called us. She was very thin and hungry and thirsty, and probably wouldn't have lasted much longer outside, but is now safe at home recovering. Another score for posting those flyers all over the area!

(3226) Stolen! Blue & Gold Macaw

Daytona Beach, Florida . . . Captain Bly


Capt Bly is 20 years old and was stolen with a female named Tequilla. Phone: 386-299-5190 or Crimestoppers 888-277-TIPS. Volusia County, East Central Florida, many locations broken into for birds. Ring is targeting large parrots. Have genetics.

Capt. Bly and Tequilla, 2 of the 6 stolen parrots from Daytona Beach FL, were located and rescued from Findlay OH.

(3227) Stolen! Blue/Gold Macaw

Daytona Beach/East Central, Florida . . . Tequilla


Male 20 yrs, brilliantly colored. Stolen along with Capt Bly. Female 12 yrs, slightly muted in color. Female very sweet, male very agressive. Burgulary to our business was targeted to birds. Many other business and homes in Volusia County hit within past weeks. Phone: 386-299-5190 or Crimestoppers 888-277-TIPS. Volusia County, East Central Florida email:Crimestoppers 888-277-TIPS to report any info. Reward for arrest and safe return.

Capt. Bly and Tequilla, 2 of the 6 stolen parrots from Daytona Beach FL, were located and rescued from Findlay OH.

(3359) Green-winged Macaw

Las Vegas, Nevada . . . The Kidd


The Kidd is a large red parrot (Macaw) thirty three inches from beak to tail. he was my little buddy. Last seen being stolen from my home in Las Vegas, Nevada by a blonde female (approx 30 years old) I am offering a substantial reward I am desparate to find him.

The Kidd, my green-winged Macaw was returned to my door step anonymously on the morning of July 11th. He was a bit shaken up but otherwise OK. Thank you for being willing to help! I will tell as many people as possible. Thanks, John D.

(3296) African Grey

Old Milford Road/Junction City, Kansas . . . Rudy


Lost on Old Milford Road on Wednesday 6/27/01.

On Tuesday (6/27/01)I noticed an ad in the local paper for a LOST Congo African Grey. I called the woman, and she was distraught over it. I told her I would come and help her look for RUDY. He had been sighted several times but was not a good flyer and when he tried to land he was out of control so he would go back up. We called each other several times and she looked and prayed everyday for his safe return. Upon hearing of the loss I immediately posted it on http://www.birdhotline.com

Well on Friday a young military man and his wife and 3 kids and dog were having a picnic at the lake, only 1 mile from where Rudy lived. They saw this parrot land on their van and say hello! They were amazed and gave him some crackers to eat. They were going to leave and Rudy was running behind them to the van telling them he wanted to go "night night"! The man told hs wife they could NOT leave someones pet so they went to Wal Mart and bought a small cage to put him in as a carrier. The pet store was closed where I had taken a flyer for the lostbird hotline and it was displayed in the front window! The man went home and got on the computer...there was Rudys lost ad! He called Carolyn and told her he had Rudy, she went wild! She called me this morning (6/30/01)excited telling me she had him back and thanking me for calling her and posting that ad on the lost bird hotline! I told her it was the kindness in the familys heart that found Rudy and returned him! We were both nearly in tears! There are good people left in the world and Rudy is back home thanks to http://birdhotline.com

So check that site and post if you see or hear of a lost bird, it got Rudy home!!!!!! JIM

(1815) Cockatiel

New York City, New York . . .


I found a cockatiel in the East 50's in Manhattan. The bird is being cared for; please e mail me with a description of your lost cockatiel. Nancys

I contacted the woman who posted a lost white cockatiel in the west 70's of NYC who REALLY lost a Lutino that was mainly white !!! As I type this he is with his female cockatiel partner again and is SO HAPPY ! Thankyou birdhotline for the service you provide !--Nancy

(3249) Gray Cockatiel

Framingham, Massachusetts . . . Smokey


Smokey was lost in "The Oaks" neighborhood in north Framingham. This is also close to the Wayland town line and Lake Cochituate. He is friendly and has been able to fly about the house for a year and a half. When we got him had had his wings clipped. He is about 4 years old and speaks a few words, pretty bird, how are you?, what are you doing?, go to sleep and whistles. He hung around the house for most of the first day but a large gust of wind pulled him away from us as he tried to fly down from the extremely tall oak tree he had been in. Smokey is gray and white on lower body, with yellow/orange markings on his face. He is apprehensive to strangers but if you are kind and loving he will know.

The day after Smokey was lost he flew about a mile away and ended up landing on the head of a women sitting out in front of her home!!! This women also had a female cockatiel in her home so Smokey could have heard her "talking"! Smokey spent the next week there in the cage with his new friend. My neighbor saw the sign that this woman had posted with Smokeys picture on it and called me. I called the number and we brought Smokey home last night! A true miracle!!!!! Finding this web site gave me hope that I just might see Smokey again with all the great found stories! Thanks for that hope!!!!

(3236) Cockatiel

Reston, Virginia . . .


Pale gray and yellow with orange cheek spots. Very friendly. Lost in vicinity of Glade and Sunrise Valley Dr in Reston.

The bird flew down and joined some people at a school ball game. The couple saw the lost notice on the Bird HotLine, called and said they thought it was my bird. The area it was found was about 3 miles away. It was found the next day.

(3250) Budgie

Barrington, Illinois . . . Jean Pierre


Our bird is a blue Budgie, he is also missing a toe. We came home around 6:30 tonight and found his cage door open, his mate, however, was still inside. Jean Pierre's wings are not clipped, and he is about a year and a half old. If found please. We really miss Jean, and so does his mate Sassy.

Our bird flew to Lake Zurich the day after he had got away. He was flying around someone's pool the lady tried to catch it, then it landed on the husband's head. The husband was smart enough to walk inside the house. They then called the police and reported a bird; we had called the police too. They gave them there description and it matched our report. So now, Jejen Peire is back with us.

(2887) African Grey Congo Parrot

Portland, Oregon . . . Stormy


Stormy was lost on N.E. 129th Place, Portland, OR She is all light gray with dark gray feathers on her wings. She has a red tail and a whitish face. A traditional looking African Grey parrot with her flight feathers basically. Size is aprox 14-15" in height. She is only 1 1/2 years old. She answers to Stormy, Squawkers, and does a lot of whistling. Please help, if you have any information. We have been searching for hours and the weather is bad.

What a crazy few days!!!! We put out 500 flyers and contacted every petshop, bird rescue, and animal shelter in a 25 mile range. We knew we were pushing it with the weather so bad and cold. At last Stormy has been found. After a lot of sleepless nights and lots of hot chocolate we got the call. You know the one, where your throat goes dry and you on the edge. A local pet shop called and said the band numbers matched my Stormy girl. It was hard not to break the sound barrier getting there. I ran in to ask where my girl was, Barbara told me she was out in the ladies car that brought her in. I knew as soon as I saw the bird it was her. She looked tired and happy to see me. She was perched on the ladies head and when she saw me she said "Whew" and I knew that was her for sure. I was soooo happy and she was too. She found her seeking shelter in her apartment carport raffters just a few blocks from my house. To make this long story a bit shorter.....here is the twist....The! lady never saw any of the flyers in the area. She said something just told her to take Stormy to this particular store. She saw a flyer when he went in the door and figured she had the missing CAG. There are many petshops that have birds in the area closer than this one. This was the shop I had purchased Stormy at and the lady in the shop, Barbara, hand fed Stormy. When I went in with Stormy in my arms to thank Barbara, the breeded that sold Stormy to the store was there talking to her about my finding Stormy. Everyone was in the same place at the same time. It was all such odd circumstances. Stormy had a slight bacterial infection, but was quickly cleared up with antibotics and alot of love, food, and water. We were soooo lucky and so was she. She is happy and healthy, and of course a bit sassy. Thank everyone out there who does this for our birdie children. Heidi

(3161) Cockatiel

Wheaton, Illinois . . . Weederman


12 year old cockatiel darted out of house. Last seen in vicinity of Naperville Rd and Pershing. He is a typical gray and yellow cockatiel with big orange cheeks. Will sometimes answer to 'hey buddy' or come here whistle.

We had reported to Wheaton police. Weederman landed on someones shoulder about 4 miles away the next day. He wouldn't get off the guys shoulder, but a lady who had birds before took him and put him in a cage she had and called the police. They gave her our number and Weederman is back home

(1742) Cockatiel

Mira Mesa, California . . .


Yellow and gray cockatiel found near Capricorn St. and Black Mountain Rd. Sunday afternoon May 20, 2001.

I put up posters in my neighborhood. Started getting calls soon afterwards, but all callers had incorrect descriptions of bird. So I entered the cockatiel into birdhotline. A couple of days after sending bird info to birdhotline, a respondent to my poster identified the cockatiel as their bird. And now, happily, the bird and owner are reunited!

(3041) Blue Front Amazon

Anchorage, Alaska . . . Codie


STOLEN: 3 year old Blue Front Amazon with good vocabulary. Will say his name, in addition to phrases such as "Whatcha doing" "Gimmie some lovin'" and "Step up". He still has more white on his crown than blue at this point. Is banded, but not microchipped. Also stolen was his 36x60 Avian Adventures playtop cage (gray in color). There is a large reward being offered. Note: I am with the Alaska Bird Club and am posting this on behalf of the bird's owner as he does not have email.

The owner of the bird had little resources to make fliers, so the Alaska Bird Club stepped in and helped make posters. These were distributed to all vet clinics, pet stores, pawn shops, etc. in the Anchorage area. Someone "claiming" to have purchased the bird and cage right around the time of the theft saw the flier and called the owner. In order to get the bird returned ASAP, the owner paid a $500 reward. Codie was happily reunited with his owner on Saturday, May 12th. He is in good health, though a bit quieter than normal. While the thieves remain at large, Codie is home, healthy and MUCH happier. :-)

(2892) Blue/Gold Macaw, 2 African Greys, 2 Quakers

Kent, Ohio . . .


Stolen from Sky Kings Aviary Kent, Ohio on Friday Feb. 23,2001, after hours between 8:00 pm & 12:30 am Feb 24. 1 Blue and Gold Macaw, 1 yr old, crooked/damaged beak, very tame,small female, but loud. Congo African Grey, 8 mos., plucked wings, tail & chest, female, talks. Quaker, 4 yrs, female, good feather, bites. Refer to Congo African Grey Madison & Quaker Alex on separate "stolen" for their descriptions by their owner. All 5 of these birds were stolen during a burglary at the store. Our concern is to have these birds returned. Please call with any information.

We had contacted all the pet shops in our local area (Kent, Akron, Ohio) plus drove a 50 mile radius with flyers for pet stores, grocery, farm-anyone that would hang a flyer up. We were VERY lucky when 2 weeks after the birds were stolen, a wholesale customer came to purchase a cage for someone that had just bought a Grey. He checked with us on the band number, because he thought just maybe this was one of the birds by the description. And YES!, it was the 8 mo. old Grey! He contacted us & the police; these people happened to be a patient through his dr. practice. They were really upset that they just spent $400 on a stolen bird! They told us where they had bought the bird(off a 'friend' they hadn't seen for almost a yr.). We went to the address with the police; people weren't home but we did see the B&G Macaw thru the window. To make a long, long story short, these people returned after the police left & found out police had been there & took off in 2 different vehicles.

They took the birds with them! They did eventually dump the birds off at the people's house that bought the Grey-and gave them some very nasty, threatening phone calls. So we did get our blue & gold, our Grey, our Quaker and Madison the Grey (2881) that was boarding back that Sunday morning. We are still looking for Alex the Quaker.

The people where the birds were located deny having stolen the birds-we haven't seen them in person to see if they were ones in the store during regular hours the night birds were stolen. Said (to police) they bought them off someone at bar that they drank with all the time-in pillowcases no less(how they removed birds so fast from store)-but no other info. Said they never had the 5th bird. We got birds back March 10 &11. A customer came in on Mar 17 to look at our Quaker(returned bird)& mentioned she'd been looking for several weeks-she had been at the house where these birds were looking at a Quaker there that talked really well (Alex!) right after the birds were stolen. So far, police are slow investigating, we are still trying to get them to arrest or charge these people, I guess we will have to contact the prosecutor ourselves. The birds were located in Akron, within 1/2 hr of our store. We think Alex is somewhere in the area-probably sold between 2/24 and 3/10 from the Manchester Rd area(this is not exact location, but we can verify exact location) There were several other stores burglarized in 30 MI radius up until time we recovered our birds. Police were not much help, I think they think it's just a bird(s). We all know that isn't so!

(2927) Noble Mini Macaw

North Hollywood, California . . . Tiki


Tiki is a 3 year old green Noble Mini Macaw with red underneath his feathers and a bit of dark blue on his head. He has a green band on his left foot. He was lost on the evening of March 17, 2001 on Kling Street in the North Hollywood/Toluca Lake area around Lankershim Blvd. He seems to be more adept at flying than we thought and flew from high tree to tree until we lost him into the night. He is a very loud bird (which we hope will help us find him) but also very affectionate. He loves sitting on shoulders, taking baths, and loves orange juice. Please help us find him! There is a reward.

We woke up at dawn the following morning after his flight. We walked over to the street where we had heard him last and sure enough he answered us in his loud macaw voice. But finding him and catching him were two very different situations. We chased him to three different locations before my boyfriend, the most wonderful man in the world, caught him on the side of a tree (right next to the freeway!) after he flew into a crow's nest and was lightly attacked by them. Words of most important advice: Bring someone with you who can climb trees, roofs, sides of apartment buildings etc.- I couldn't have done it on my own. Besides- your bird will not come to you- you must go to him. Bring a PILLOWCASE! We actually did catch him at one point and I foolishly managed to let him go in part because I did not have anything to put him in. AND above all - remain calm. I know Tiki was freaked out because I was. If I had been a bit calmer when we caught him the first time he might not have flow! n away. Remember - don't be too hard on yourself. we all are the best bird owners we can try to be! And thank-you very much for having this web site! It was and will continue to be extremely helpful! OUR BABY IS HOME!

(2808) Umbrella Cockatoo

Roswell, Georgia . . . Happy


Happy flew out of the door, berry sad!! We searched the Martins Landing area for days to no avial! We miss Happy he can say "hey booboo" I love you! We can bock like a chicken and he says "hello Remey", that's his brothers name. Please contact me, my daughter and myself raised Happy for a small baby.

Last night I posted a report for a friend of a lost bird on BirdHotline. This evening I was checking to be sure it had been posted and was looking at the listings of other lost birds in my area. I saw the listing for "Happy", a lost Umbrella cockatoo, and remembered a friend telling me an Umbrella Too had been found last month in the same neighborhood. I called her with the owner's name and number from Bird Hotline, she put the two people in touch with each other, and there's a happy reunion to report tonight! Bird Hotline scores again!

[This email was from Bird Patroller Lynne. A couple days later we received the following report from Happy's mother, Paula...Bird HotLine]

I'm sooo grateful for everyone that has helped me in finding Happy. [Went home on 2-25-2001, 42 days after leaving home. BHL] He was with a very nice family that lived in Foxcreek, and they were "happy" to see me and my daughters reunited with our bird Happy!! Thanks to everyone that helped me get my little boy back! Happy's brother Remey is also grateful, he's got his playmate back>> God Bless all of you, Sincerely, Paula

(2826) Stolen! Blue and Gold Macaw

Dunn, North Carolina . . . Big Guy


Big Guy is a typical Blue and Gold Macaw. He'll be 2 in August. His feathering is rather ragged. He does have wing feathers (not clipped). Big Guy says "what 'cha doin, Hi, Hello, ouch, don't bite" and he plays peek-a-boo. On Friday, January 26, 2001, Big Guy was stolen out of a pet shop on Wilson Street in Dunn, North Carolina. The thief broke through a back door by ramming it with a red vehicle. Nothing else was stolen from the store...just Big Guy. Big Guy is the beloved store mascot and the manager is hysterical over this unbelievalble act. If you have any information please contact: Bonnie at Pet's Unlimited 120 S. Wilson Street Dunn, NC

YIPPIE!!!! "BIG GUY" is home!!!!!! First I want to say that this is a wonderful and valuable site! I have read some of the success stories and they make my day! Your site gives hope to the ones that haven't been so lucky yet! I had put out flyers and had a story in our local paper about "Big Guy", thanks to this wonderful world of the web, the article was seen online! I received a call with the tip that with the help of the Dunn and Clinton Police Departments brought 'Big Guy" home to me! Thank You all and Good Luck!

(1745) Padagonian Conure

San Diego, California . . . Ruffles


Small predominantly green parrot with yellow/orange belly and blue wings, white around shoulder. Responds to "Ruffles". Loud, beloved old family pet. Flew out of home in area of highways 805 and 54 (National City, Bonita area).

Ruffles was gone 4 months and was found by a very sweet woman who does parrot rehab. She saw this ad on The Bird HotLine and contacted us. We are so happy to have him back. We had moved and changed our phone # so the only way to find us was through this site. Thank you.

(2810) Blue and Gold Macaw

Tucson, Arizona . . .


Lost in the area of 6th and Valencia. Bird is not friendly and is not banded.

He was reunited with his owners through the Bird HotLine. The man that found him called a friend in Phoenix and he went on the net and found the phone number of the people and they were reunited with thier bird. And are very thankful for a web site like this and said to tell all thank you very much.

(2791) African Grey Congo

Cypress, California . . . Ginger


Medium size, all gray body with bright red tail. Lost around the area of Saint Alban and Walker Streets (close to Los Alamitos Race Track). Likes to mimic lots of sounds like sirens, whistles and other bird sounds.

Because of this ad I placed , my African Grey Congo named Ginger got reunited with me (on 1-15-01) after almost a month of being lost. I still cannot believe that she's home with me and my husband. We are both very grateful for caring people like you who made this website available . I found you just by surfing the web trying to find information on how to find my bird, what to do etc. To me this is a miracle because of the way she was found miles away from home (Santa Fe Springs) and then sold to the nicest lady who persistently tried everything to find us so she can return our baby. For her to find my ad in your website is just unbelievable to me. Thank you Janice and God bless you. And to the Bird HotLine again thanks for putting this up on the Internet and God bless. Ellen

(2754, 2759 and 2763 lost reports) 2 Congo African Greys and 1 Sun Conure

High Point, North Carolina . . . Rocky, Meeko and Sunny


Three birds stolen in pet shop robbery. Pet Choices Pet Center , $4000.00 Reward for safe Return. Pet Choices Pet Center was unlawfully entered between the hours of 12:00 AM and 8:30 AM, Tuesday morning, 12/12/2000. Rocky is a 3 month old Congo African Grey Parrot, he is a darker gray color than most African Grey babies. He has a red tail with gray tips. His eyes are black, showing the slight change of color. Both his wings were freshly clipped evenly from mid wing to outer edge. He was last seen in perfect feather condition. He has no leg band. He is a DNA sexed male. He is still being handfed but is also eating some on his own. He will eat anything offered. Loves Kaytee Yogurt Drops better than anything, (the round ones). He is most attracted to the colors of purple and shocking pink. Likes to tear up Post It Notes in these colors. Rocky is very friendly, will go to everybody. He loves to be held close to the chest and hugged tightly while being rocked, would not wiggle away but cuddle closer to you. He likes being held with both hands around his body, held up to your face and getting hard beak kisses. He does not nip or bite. He also enjoys being covered with a towel. Just learning to play peek-a-boo. He has never shown any signs of fear. Always interested in anything new, including people, toys and children. Doesn't like things taken away from him, fusses at you displeased. Gets board quicker than most at his age. Chatters constantly at and to everything. Quiet only when asleep. Has not talked clearly but garbles "hello" in a raspy, deep guttural voice while running back and forth from shoulder. Also taken at the same robbery was another Congo African Grey and a yellow-orange with green and blue, Sun Conure also listed in detail in another entry. These birds may have been turned loose after the robbery. The reward offered is for safe return of birds only, no charges will be filed. Surrounding area to High Point are Greensboro, Winston Salem, Thomasville, and Pleasant Garden, all are in North Carolina. We have reason to believe the birds may also be in the Danville, Virginia area. Any information welcome.

We notified our Police Department, Crimestoppers, TV News Producers of the four surrounding towns, also 12 Radio Stations and two Newpapers. We contacted all other Pet Shops in the three surrounding states and Pet Supply Distributors and their sales representatives, all truck drivers and sales representatives were given flyers. All shop customers were called and ask to distribute flyers in their area. We also added the information to all "lost bird sites" on the Internet.

Our birds are safely in our hands. Rocky was purchased by one of our clients when he was only a few weeks old, she is a devoted and dedicated bird owner. I promised to have her Rocky back to her. I am grateful for all the, "Power That Be ," People who helped and Prayers that were answered, that this promise was kept. Welcome Home Rotten Rocky, We love you. Welcome Home Sunny and Meeko We love you. [Bird HotLine: We got this report just before Christmas and just in time for a great Christmas present for all of us. For those of us who were unable to locate our little Sweethearts, we take comfort in the knowledge that these little guys made it home.]

(2757) Cockatiel

Woodstock, Connecticut . . . Emmy


My step son was bringing our bird down to the neighbors house when someone opened the front door and she flew out. It is FREEZING out and I just don't think she could have survived. BUT....I'm trying anyways. She was gray, with yellow face, and light orange cheeks. If you have any info please email me at Dorothyb29@Gateway.net She is so Very missed. Good Luck to everyone else searching for their bird.

I just posted the other day about my cockatiel that flew away the other day. SHE IS HOME!!!!!! We made one last attempt and contacted a woman at the end of our road. She said a friend of hers found a cockatiel about a week ago. I called and this is the weirdest part... My sons girlfriend had her!!!!!!! Can u imagine?????? They are only 13 so they aren't together much and I guess my son never told her. We are so happy. I hope others find their lost birds too. Happy Holidays to all! Dorothy

(2676) Cockatiel

Sedona, Arizona . . . Pearl


Pearl is a small gray cockatiel. He has orange cheeks and a green top knot. He also has white strips on his wings.

It was stormy night. Since our porch light was out it was pitch black. My dad was in California and my mom was at work so I was the only one home. I had my bird, Pearl, on my shoulder. He is a natural cockatiel. There was a Halloween party and my friend was going to pick me up. I was getting ready for the party.

She drove up and range the doorbell. I set my bird down on top of his cage and grabbed my bag. The barking of my dog scared my bird and he started flying. When I opened the door my dog bolted out. I went and grabbed her. I heard Pearl fly close but I thought he was still inside. I put the dog back in and left.

The next day when my mom picked me up she told me that she couldn't find my bird. So, when we got home we searched all over the neighborhood. We asked all of our neighbors if they had seen him. None said they had. The whole week we looked and looked. We still didn't find him.

Meanwhile, a mile away, a family was having a yard sale. They heard some chirping coming from the roof. They saw a natural cockatiel on their roof. The little boy went up and got the little bird that was very grateful to see him. The family took the bird to the pet store.

It had been two weeks since Pearl's disappearance and we still didn't find him. I was spending the night at my friend's house. I mentioned to her dad that my bird was missing. He told me about a Bird Hotline that was based out of Sedona. He went and got the site up on the Internet. I placed an ad for a lost bird on the site.

When I got home my mom said we got an e-mail about Pearl from the hotline. We arranged a reunion on Monday. Since I was at school my mom went. As soon as she walked in the store and said something my bird came running over and whistling. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that this was my bird. I was so happy to see and hear him again!! That is the story of how I found my little bird. Hali

[Flash....Finally the Bird HotLine gets to witness a reunion. These are the events as we knew them.

It all started, we found out later, when Steve (of the Bird HotLine) was at Mark's house who is a client (Steve does Web Site design) and showed him The Bird HotLine to illustrate some point. Mark is the father of Hali's girl friend.

Yard Sale People took Pearl to a Pet Store which is owned by Donna.

Shelleigh who has many birds of her own visits the Pet Store often to play with the Cockatiels. Shelleigh sees the found cockatiel and a few days later while visiting with Sandy (that's me of the Bird HotLine) mentions the found cockatiel.

A few days later a lost report comes into the Bird HotLine. It sure sounded like the bird Shelleigh had told me about. Within 15 minutes of the submission an email was shot back to Hali. But there was no response for 24 hours (Sun. am) when Toni, her mother, emailed back with their phone number. Calls were made and it was decided Monday morning at the Pet Store would work for everyone.

It seems that Pearl had fallen for an 11 year old daughter of one of the employees at the Pet Shop so he went home with her. This little girl bought toys and loved and cared for Pearl those two weeks but wanted the best for him so sadly said good-bye that Monday morning.

Pearl was placed in an acrylic enclosure with about 20 other cockatiels and when Toni walked into the store she was asked to point out her bird and as she did Pearl looked up, screamed and started running over to her, then ran up her arm and started kissing her all over the place. As we've said time and time again you will know if you have a match by the reaction of the bird!

Just look at the chain of people involved, Steve, Mark, Mark's daughter, Hali, Yard Sale People, Donna, Shelleigh and me. If just one of these eight people broke the chain of events , Pearl would not be home. Thanks to everyone and this time we get to pat ourselves on the back. Wow was this exciting or what? BHL]

(2710) Stolen! Black Palm Cockatoo

Charlotte, North Carolina . . . Maui


PLEASE help us find our baby Maui! (Pronounced Mow-iee) Maui is a large blue/black/red BLACK PALM COCKATOO. They are very distinctive birds: Dark blue feathers, short tail, bold red patch of skin around their black beaks, and a large, fanned blue crest. He is still just a few years old! Maui was stolen from us near CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA during a break-in in the middle of the night. The thief/theives used some kind of special cutters to cut two bars off his cage and take the lock off, and THEN CUT OFF HIS ID BAND. We found it the next morning on the floor next to the cage! Maui is a very very sweet bird, and is VERY much missed, especially by our 6 year old daughter. He will go up to anyone and step up. Black Palm cockatoos are RARE birds and so there is a GOOD chance that any local newspaper ad advertising one for sale cheap is MY MAUI! Maui speaks both spanish (A few words) and English and can say, "hello", "step up", "step down", "pretty boy", "maui wants a cookie", "Love ya", "c'mere silly bird", "Momma!", "gimme kisses" (Proceded by a kissing noise) and "Dance Maui!" plus a few more. He also responds to the words "Dance Maui, Dance!" by shaking out his tail feathers and swinging his head from side to side. He is a beloved family member and we are offering a $1,500 reward for him NO QUESTIONS ASKED, just so long as we get our baby back!! Please spread the word, and help us find our birdy!

After waking up one morning in November to discover that our beloved Black Palm Cockatoo had been stolen, we immediately notified everyone we could. The police were first, then the airport to check anyone trying to fly out with a Black Palm Cockatoo that matched Maui's description, then I hit on-line. I posted only one thing..here on BirdHotline.

I was absolutely and truly amazed at the publicity level that this site has reached. While I only put out flyers and news adds all over NC, Maui's story went all across the country. I got letters from people everywhere, letters that both made me cry, and laugh, but all gave me so much hope that I would get him back. An E-mail circulated about his disappearance and as far as I am concerned, he was posted on every bird related message board on the net.

At home things were getting worse, my daughter couldn't sleep, she is very young, and she would walk around the house calling for Maui. She couldn't understand that he was gone. I couldn't bare to move his cage out of the house, but every time I saw it I would break down in tears. .

Then came the day when we finally got the call we had been waiting for. A full month later, on Thursday, about 6:00am the thief gave up. He couldn't sell Maui, everyone that knew birds knew he was stolen. He couldn't fly out with him, he couldn't ship him. Whoever he was, or she was, or they were (We did not catch them, the investigation is still going on) he/she/they turned Maui loose in the entrance to our neighborhood. It was just our luck that a neighbor leaving for work saw Maui, recognized him and caught him. .

Our poor baby is very shaken, scared and was extremely cold when we recovered him. But he is eating, and a quick visit to the vet showed him in top health. He has been rebanded, and microchipped. I don't think I have ever cried so hard when I got him back. He was so happy to see us, he was making kissing noises the whole time we held him. He's had pictures taken for the newspaper and we've even been invited to be on the morning news next week. .

In my mind, there is absolutely no way I could ever thank all of the people that sent me e-mails and letters, or the people that took the time to spread his story. This website alone was a miracle in the recovery of my baby. There just aren't words, and there never will be, ever, to tell you all how grateful I am. Without you, I honestly believe I never would have gotten Maui back. Because of you, he is safe, and warm, and in loving arms again. .

I am going to try to post this everywhere that carries his story. We want everyone that has helped, everyone that has said a few kind words to know that we thank them. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank them. Rebecca, Joe, Krista, and Maui Sanders----a Family reunited

(2556) Cockatoo

Warwick, Rhode Island . . . Lilly


This bird belongs to a friend's adult daughter. I have very little information only that it is a Cocatoo and it's owner is absolutely sick! R.I. is a small state and there can't be too many cocatoo's flying around. The owner has been very ill and we are all praying for her as well as the bird's safety. I was called right away because I run Lazicki's Bird House & Rescue in East Hartford, CT.. Any information at all will be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Diane

Lilly remained in the area. She had NEVER flown before and was afraid to land. I journeyed to RI yesterday and helped get her VERY LARGE cage on top of a vehicle. We also, placed her buddy (Goffin Too) outside to call her. Lilly finally worked her way, branch by branch, down a very big tree. She landed in a briar patch and her mommy went in after her. Lilly jumped right on mommy's arm. Mommy is pretty scratched up but Lilly is none the worse for wear & tear.. Mommy is at the store buying some 'special' treats, at this very moment. Thank you for the support system. It gave Mommy hope. Diane Lazicki's Bird House & Rescue

(2551) Congo African Grey parrot

Chicago, Illinois . . . Brando


Please! Help! Beloved pet and part of our family! I'm heartbroken over his disappearance! Was at school from 9am-9pm and left husband home with bird. His wings had grown in and I called the vet three weeks ago to make an appointment asap to clip, but the soonest they could get him in was this Saturday! I live in Chicago at Diversey and Clybourn, apparently he caught a gust of wind and headed north, if anyone sees him please contact us! Also there is a $1,000.00 or more reward being offered!

I know many people would find the $1,000.00 reward a bit extravagant, to me, regardless of being a student, it was worth it. If someone is able to do this, I believe it encourages people to get interested and speeds the recovery process. Brando was found in a condo complex the next block over, had I not papered so profusely and had dollar signs prominently written across the top, I believe most people wouldn't have looked. Brando was a little shakey, cold and starving from his 30 hour ordeal, but he will bounce. Thanks for the support!

(2535) African Grey

Virginia Beach, Virginia . . . Apollo


Lost African Grey from the Redmill/Ocean Lakes area on 9/16/00. Family is devastated, and so is his companion "Christy". His name is "Apollo" and he is a Timneh African Grey. He is 3.5 years old and we have had him since he was 2 months old. Please if you are from the Tidewater area and are reading this spread the word and be on the lookout. We are offering a generous reward for his safe return. Thank you. Donna

I just want to say that my bird, Apollo was returned to me yesterday on 9/20/00 after being lost for 4 days. We went to extremes to find him and it paid off. We ran an ad in the paper, posted flyers with a picture and description, we searched the neighborhood, passed the word to neighbors, set his cage outside, posted listings on the internet, told all the children in our neighborhood about him and did just about anything else you can think of. On 9/19/00 a nine year old little girl found my baby after he had weathered Tropical storm Gordon. He was weak and hungry. He had also weathered some very cool autumn nights dipping down in the 40's. I thank god that the little girl found him and that he went right to her. She had him for a day, and I think that she had hopes of keeping him. She is welcome to visit him anytime and we rewarded her with $200.00 so that she may be able to by herself a bird all her own. Thank you lord for little angels.

(2472) Cockatiel

Sioux Falls, South Dakota . . . Corky


Lost, gray cockatiel answers to name of Corky, very loving and tame. Loves people, He is light gray, yellow head and orange cheeks has a gray identification band on left foot, do not know number. Lost in Southwest area of Sioux Falls near mall. If found please contact

I was devastated when I lost my baby, so I went all over town putting up flyers with his picture on it, I also put an ad in the local paper and contacted the local animal shelter. After nearly 2 weeks I received a phone call that someone had found a cockatiel matching my description almost 25 miles away. My Corky had landed in their yard and started playing with and chasing the kids. Corky loves to land on peoples heads, so he then went over and landed on the dad's head. They took him in and gave me a call, he is now back safe and sound at home!!! They had seen the ad in the paper so never give up hope.

(2353) Cockatiel

Calgary/Alberta, Canada . . . Buddie


Buddie is a gray tiel with bright orange cheeks and the top of his head feathers are yellow. Buddie can do the wolf whistle and say pretty bird, he prefers females over males. He will bite if he's scared other wise he is pretty friendly. I lost Buddie in Taradale N E but he was spotted once in Falconridge N E I am hoping and praying someone will find him he is very sadly missed. Thank-you Debra

Buddie went missing on July 24 and was reunited with his family on August15. Buddie was gone for 22 days. A family that owns two tiels of there own had found buddie on their nieghbor's roof about 5 days after he went missing. About17 days later they called the spca and they contacted me, I went to see the tiel that night and Buddie knew it was me the minute he heard my voice. He started whistling and saying pretty bird over and over. The people that had him couldn't get near him but as soon as I took him out of the cage he started giving me kisses. Buddie has a bit of a attittude so I am the only one that can get close to him without getting bit. I am not quite sure why they took so long to report a found tiel but I really do not care I am just so glad to have him home. I was about to give up but people kept telling me not to and I am glad I listened to them, so never give up hope. Thanks for everything and I am glad you're here.

(1393) African Grey

Pinole, California . . .


Contact Deb or Ivan. The bird is healthy and we are taking good care of it.

I had placed an add in the local paper, and the owner finally saw it on the very last day of its listing. I think she spent so much time searching the neighborhood and praying that she forgot the simple things like checking to see if someone had found her. And the first thing I did was to buy the bird a cage so she wouldn't get injured and could feel secure, but not so that I could keep her. But I do miss her and now have an empty cage to fill. The owner and bird were both so happy - my heart is full.

(2410) Parakeet

Santee, California . . . Candy


Lost family's blue/white parakeet. Flew out open door. Miss very much

Candy the parakeet was returned to us 5 days after we lost him. Signs were posted throughout our neigborhood with no luck. Then after 4 days, we posted signs at all the major street corners that only said "PARAKEET LOST" in big bold letters with our phone number. This was a good thing because our parakeet had actually flown beyond our neighborhood and across the canyon where a young girl found him. When she saw one of our signs, she called us immediately and we got our bird back. We thank her for her good deed and honesty. In conclusion, don't give up and clip your birds wings before you think they can fly again.

(1999) Cockatiel

Phoenix/Glendale, Arizona . . . Dulce


Dulce is very much missed. We were in the 43rd avenue and Northern area (Mobil station). Dulce is a very friendly tiel, loves to do the "wolf whistle". He is mainly gray with a yellow and white face and very bright orange cheeks. There is a reward if he is found. He is a very special part of our family.

Dulce was found about 25 miles from where he was lost. Another couple in that area had lost their gray tiel also and thought maybe he was theirs. He wasn't, yet that same night they received a call and was reunited with theirs. So then they looked in this Bird HotLine lost and found and saw my ad and contacted me. At first I didn't want to get my hopes up, it had been 3 months. But, it turns out he's our Dulce!!!! I can't thank our new friends enough, nor can I thank this web site enough. If I couldn't have put Dulce here I would never have seen him again. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!

(2398) Quaker parrot

Slidell, Louisiana . . . Bunky Boy


Smaller Quaker parrot--Lime green and gray. Three years old. Weight 3.4 ounces. Says Hello, Good Boy, Bunky Boy, Good Morning, Cracker (when you give him food) and Night Night when you put him in bed. Spent most of day on jungle gym on top of cage. Can be held and petted. Loves to ride on shoulder. Loves corn chips. Also learned to shake hands with his left claw when offer a sunflower seed. Lost right next to Parish Police Jury Building on Old Spanish Trail. He is afraid of heights and is new to flying. He was last seen in tree near the Forestwoods Apartments on the street behind the Police Jury building. I pray that God will send him back to us or that he will another good home. He loves to be around people--we were together 24 hours a day for three years.

[Mary had also written a note saying she was afraid it was hopeless and we wanted her to know the following: I will post your question but it is far from hopeless for you and your little guy. You need to do all the work though. I have included a list of things you should be doing from someone in the UK who wants to help people (like you) find their little lost buddy. Just so you know though your goal should be that everyone within a 1 to 2 miles radius should know about him. So here's how you can get to work: (Of course you need to post with the Bird HotLine if you haven't already done so.)... Bird HotLine]

Hi Sandy, I want to thank for your encouraging email. Well, I thought it was hopeless because, although, we live in a city of 60,000, our neighborhood has many areas that do not have houses. These areas are like jungles. Combine the undergrowth with 100 year old pine trees and a few bayous nearby and it really seemed hopeless. Our neighborhood also has many hawks that even carry away young cats so I really needed encouragement.

I set about doing all the things that you had listed---ideas from someone in UK. It rained for two days but the morning after I got your email I made a Missing Bird Poster with two color pictures on my Quaker on it. I ran off about 20 copies of the poster and even though it was still raining, I put the poster in plastic refrigerator bags and stapled the bag to the telephone posts. Later that day I discovered that the city had started taking down my posters. Well, something told me to put a poster up in the Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor. Instead of just asking to put the poster up, I circumvented the employees and handed the poster to the owner, who has an aviary of small birds--lovebirds, parakeets, etc. He looked at the poster and said that it was OK to put it up on the door. That was about 9 a.m. in the morning. At 6 p.m. we got a call from him. He was remodeling a small home about 3/4 mile from the Ice Cream Parlor and he spotted the bird in a tree. My husband hurried over and with the help of a ladder, our Bunkey Boy was back in safe hands.

I am so very, very grateful that you said that it is far from hopeless for me and my little guy in your email. Thanks to you--Steve and Sandy---our little boy is back home. He was hungry and slept all day today but I know he is happy to be back---and so are we! Mary

(1373) Rainbow Lory

Fort Worth, Texas . . . Willie


Band No.#XGA 365 Says "Willie" "Get It" "Come here" Does a "Funky Chicken Dance" when you wiggle your finger.

He had been stolen from the pet store by a man who shoved him under his shirt and ran out. Willie was gone for about 2 weeks when a neighbor of the thief heard about the $500 reward and turned him in. She had seen him with Willie and decided to do the right thing. So Willie is now back at home where he belongs.

(1760) Rose Breasted Cockatoo

Dallas, Texas . . . Billybob


Billybob is a common RoseBreasted Cockatoo. He has a pink breast with silver back and wings. Right foot is slightly deformed. Leave message if we aren't here and we'll call right back. Thank you.

We contacted the zoo. They kept a note about our contact. The guy who found our bird went to the zoo to find out what kind of bird he had and ultimately how much the bird was worth as he only wanted to sell the bird. The zoo told him what he had and he left before the zoo realized he had our bird. A month later the man called the zoo again to ask the same birdkeeper if he (the birdkeeper as an individual) wanted to buy the bird. The bird keeper said no but got the guy's phone number. We tracked the phone number and found the guy and paid him a "big" reward for finding and keeping our bird. We also contacted all the area pet stores and veterinarians. We have learned since that many birds are found and taken to veterinarians. So, get a microchip or band on your bird. The bird veterinarians have the scanners and will scan any bird first when someone brings in a "found" bird. Cost of the microchip is $62.00 in Dallas for this service. The microchip is the size of a grain of rice. It does not harm the bird and you will always be able to identify the bird. The microchip costs $50 and then it costs $12 to register the number with the national organization that is used to track the numbers. Thank you for your service. I have been contacted by a number of people through your web site.

(2247) Solomon Islands Eclectus

Pacifica, California . . . Ooota


Ooota has just turned one year old. His beak has mostly turned to the "candy corn" coloring, with the exception of the very middle, which remains black. He's a brilliant green with red under wings on a peacock blue on the "shoulder" of his wings. His tail has navy blue. He doesn't speak words, only sings his own melodies. He's very special to me as we learned to be un-afraid of the other species together--me of birds and he of humans. I am totally crushed. Pacifica is located in the Bay area, the first beach city south of San Francisco. We live in the northern part of Pacifica, the "Manor District", and just about some acreage that is home to raccoons, hawks, etc.--and we overlook the Pacific ocean.

[This wonderful story comes from Ooota's Mom who took time to write a beautiful story which will appear in its entirety on our story page but for the sake of space we have shortened the story to what you see here. BHL] I really didn't expect we'd ever see the Oooters again. On day three, had Ooota flown west, he could have been hiding in any cliff-side crevice or in the ocean shrubs—or have met with a worse fate. Further, the night temperatures had fallen down to the low 50's, if that…what would the odds be? That night, after my walk, I went sadly into the office to begin my day's work. And, to keep my mind occupied, I imagine. But, every ½ hour or so, I would call and check my home answering machine for any messages. At 12:30 we had one message…from Justin who said, "I have your bird…come and get him".

Ohmigod. I called Justin, got his address and tried to contain myself just in the event it wasn't Ooota—there was that chance! I was told that the dog at Justin's found the bird, so I was rather concerned in what shape I would find Ooota but it didn't matter, I was on my way. I called Rick (who was a great help in my search) at his office, told him the good news, heard him start weeping and we agreed to meet at our house to go together for the support in case it wasn't Ooota.

At home I grabbed Ooota's hobo, the pack I threw together with a towel, seed, his music box, some water and our ATM card to go and get the reward money. I also had grabbed a box of dog biscuits, because after all, who was the hero here?

We drove into the neighborhood we were planning on finishing postering that night. We got to the address, both shaking of excitement, knocked on the door and was greeted by 4 wonderful young adults (about 25ish in age). They were so excited to have found the owners, and they found us by a poster on the street lamp!

As we were told, the lab was let outside on Monday afternoon, as usual, but started going nuts barking at a tree. So Jennifer went to investigate and there was the brilliant green bird. He immediately came to their finger, so they knew he was a loved pet. Brought him inside and was talking to him and fell for him (no doubt!)..they are now thinking about getting a bird!

When we touched Ooota, and asked him for a kiss, this feathered baby of ours smothered us with kisses…I swear. He wouldn't stop kissing us, unsolicited. I will NEVER believe that birds don't have feelings. He showed me how much he missed being with us and his love for us.

Brought the guy home, and he just hung out in his cage…not even going onto the playpen, he was oozing with joy to be home again. We moved his cage to the center of the picture window and put up a sign that simply says: "HE'S HOME", since we had put posters around our condo complex and several neighbors went looking for him on our behalf. Ooota has become the condo complex icon. One neighbor family brought over a bottle of champagne to celebrate!!

(1110) Patagonian Conure

Chula Vista, California . . .


Found bird. Does not step up-was not wing clipped at all contact by e mail.

The bird I found was conure, a Patagonian. I found the owner through a posted lost notice on your site. The bird had been missing since January! Funny thing is that they had moved, and I would never have found them if they had not listed an e mail address with you! The bird really did know them and was most certainly their bird! Ruffles is back with his family thanks to you!

(892) Banded Exotic Bird

Marina del Rey, California . . .


Flew into our lives in the Marina del Rey, CA peninsula on 10/16/99. An exotic banded bird..

Got a call from the owner who described the conure to a T. [Richards thinks it's him from this found posting. BHL]

(1303) Single Yellow Headed Parrot

Houston/Alvin, Texas . . .


Young single yellow headed parrot found. He is friendly, and makes unusual sounds. You must be able to tell me the sounds he makes and give me the band identification number to claim this sweetheart. He was found in Alvin, but may have flown in from any surrounding area. Any one who thinks they can help me return this parrot to it's rightful owner.

In addition to placing an add on the internet, I had called our local vet.'s office and dog pound to report the Amazon Parrot we had found. Meanwhile, the owner had placed a Lost and Found article in our local newspaper, and called the dog pound. We managed to "find" each other when the dog pound gave her my phone number. The owner came to view the bird, but he didn't seem to respond too well to her, and she wasn't completely certain he was her bird. He was a very young bird, and she hadn't had a lot of time to work with him and train him. The owner had to call her bird's breeder to get the I.D. tag number. When the number she gave me matched the number and letters on the bird's band, we knew we had the rightful owner. When we compared notes, the bird was found 5 days after he was "lost" and within approximately 2 miles of his home. I cannot stress enough, KNOW YOUR BIRD'S BAND NUMBER. The rightful owner hadn't written it down, and was very lucky the breeder still had t! he number. The band number is the best proof you can have to show ownership. If you haven't written or memorized your bird's band number, take a few minutes to do it now. your bird's happiness could depend on it.

(2300) African Grey

Lexington, Tennessee . . . George


A friend of mine called to tell me about an elderly couple in her area who lost their African Grey Saturday. The man had the bird on his shoulder and saw a deer in his garden and went outside forgetting about the bird. Of course he flew off and they live close to a state park so there is no telling where the bird is by now, but I thought I would go ahead and try to help. The bird's name is George and they have a reward for his return. These people live close to Natchez Trace State Park located about 30 miles the other side of Lexington, Tennessee. This is a very small country town in Tennessee and about 30 miles from where I live. Thanks!

George the African Grey Parrot that was lost close to Natchez Trace State Park has been FOUND! He was found around a lake close to the park. My friend told me the elderly man was just heartbroken, he wouldn't shave, eat, etc. and drove around all day looking for him.

(2298) Congo African Grey

St Petersburg, Florida . . . Molly


Just got a call from Debra in St Petersburg, FLA she was referred to me as someone burglarized her house and stole her female Congo African Grey. Debra does not have internet access and asked that I post this or her. The Grey's name is Molly and she does say her name along with I love you (Most frequently said) Mama, who are you. She has no band or chip and is 5 1/2 yrs old. Her weight is 515 grams. Owner is offering a large reward NO QUESTIONS asked for the safe return of Molly. Any help would be reatly appreciated. This is again a reminder of the importance of having a bird microchipped for easy identification. :(

Thank you very much. I just got a call this afternoon from Debra and she told me that Molly is home. I had told her when she called me about microchipping. She stated that she is going right out and getting her microchipped! She said that anyone that has a bird that they want to keep that the best thing to do is microchip them for positive ID. IF this bird would have been sold to anyone, it would have been much harder to make a positive id on the bird to get the bird back to her. Microchips are VERY important!!!.

The news media had picked up on this and it was all over the local channels. They got an anonymous tip and the detective went to check out the house. He was outside the house calling the owner asking "Does your bird say "Peek a boo" Apparently the bird kept yelling peek a boo and some other things that Molly says and that gave them what they needed to go into the house and claim the bird. The burglars have been apprehended and the bird is home.

Molly has not been hurt at all and is very happy to be home with her "Mama" :)

Thank you so much for your site so that things like this can be posted. Connie

(2159) Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

Westerville (Blendon Township), Ohio . . . Wallace


Wallace is a very people oriented bird. He is very friendly.He is also a junk food junkie.

(2261) Sun Conure

Wildwood, Florida . . . Larry Bird


8-10 in. Yellow with red shading on head, black beak, blue and green wing tips and tail. Missing claw on one toe. Blue band. Approx 1 yr old. Very affectionate. "hello" and numerous other words. Flew south from Adamsville section of Wildwood, FL. Very spoiled pet

After a sleepless nite, I went early to the location of the disappearance. As I drove onto the property, I heard Larry's telltale "screeching"...he really knows the sound of my car! He was high up in my neighbor's trees. I coaxed him with his favorite donut breakfast that he and I share with our cat, and after much deliberation (Larry's not a bold flier) he finally flew to my hand by our front door. Naturally, it was a great reunion and he will be handled by much more precaution and a little less blind trust by my boyfriend!

(2245) Green Cheek Conure

Evansville, Indiana . . . Ruger


Ruger is a small parrot. He has a green back, brown head, and maroon on his chest and tail. His wings are green with bright blue on the tips of the wings. He was lost in the area of Covert and Vann Avenue on the east side of Evansville, Indiana. He is a very cherished pet. There is a reward for his return.

Ruger was found the next day in a garage 2 blocks away-he is back home now it took a while but he is back to his old screaming self.*******PLEASE CLIP YOUR BIRDS WINGS******** so this won't happen to you...you never know when your bird will fly away. Thanks for the web site.

(2093) Gray Cockatiel

East Bangor, Pennsylvania . . . Chiquita


Chiquita is a small gray female cockatiel. Very intelligent, talks. Her mommy is heartbroken. Lost near So. Broad Street, between the old fire house and the cemetery. Please help!! Thanks so much.

We received an e-mail from a lovely women in Bethlehem Pa. The little bugger flew quit a ways. Thanks to everyone, your service is wonderful. I especially thank you for responding so quickly when we were very upset, and being kind enough to give us good advice. Thanks again, You're the Best!! Debbie

(1036) Budgie

Naperville, Illinois . . .


Found a budgie in south Naperville on the afternoon of March 27, 2000. Rescued him/her and took to avian vet. All is perfectly fine. Friendly and tame but scared. Happy to return to rightful owner or happy to adopt if not claimed. If he/she might be yours, please send a description, etc. We have several birds ourselves and he/she is being well taken care of! Thanks!

Normally this is not what we consider a candidate for the "I'm Home!" page. We were notified by Picco's (that's his name) previous person that she did not want Picco back. Obviously he was not getting the love and attention he deserved. When we read that the people who found him wanted to adopt him we were so pleased. It seems that Picco found his own home and this time one that is loving and caring. Good job Picco! If any bird is home it's Picco.

(2224) African Grey Parrot

Burlington Ontario, Canada . . . Max


Max, our African Grey parrot with a gray and black body and a red tail, flew out of my husband's hands on July 2/2000. He has an orange metal ring on one of his legs. He may be coaxed down a tree if he hears such familiar phrases as, "Want some tea?", "Where's Murph?", "Murphy!" and "O'Neil!". He went missing in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

I had posted signs all over the neighbourhood, and called all pet stores and shelters. Max was gone for four painstaking days! On the fourth day, a neighbour who had seen one of the signs called and said , "I think your bird is in my backyard". He only lived two streets down, so my husband took off frantically, (no shoes!!) and there was our baby on the fence of this man's yard. My husband calmed him down by saying familiar phrases and after about a minute, he walked over to Max, and held out his hand and Max jumped right on it!!! Needless to say, we took him that night to get his wings clipped!!!! IF YOUR BIRD IS MISSING, PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP HOPE I TOO SAT HERE AND READ THE SUCCESS STORIES AND THOUGHT IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET HIM BACK!! CHANCES ARE THAT YOUR LITTLE BUDDY IS NOT FAR!! DO ALL THAT YOU CAN, AND YOUR PERSISTANCE WILL PAY OFF!!

(2192) Gray Cockatiel

West Deptford (Forrest Creek Apts.) Near Jessup and Kings, New Jersey . . . Zack


Zack is a very tame and very people friendly cockatiel...May fly up to u and land on your shoulder.... will reply to the Wolf Tune and loves to give kisses....Zack is Gray with a little white on his wings, a Bright Yellow face with Bright Orange cheeks. Please call the West Deptford Police Station or the Gloucester County Animal Shelter. I have reported him to all of those place.....Thanks so much Shawn.......

Zack was reunited with us on 6/27/2000. he was lost on 6/18/2000. After calling the Gloucester County Animal shelter day after day, on Tuesday 6/27/2000 I was driving by the Animal Hospital and stopped in to post a lost bird poster, when I showed them the picture., they asked is that your bird over there on the counter? I was shocked. I could not believe I had found him. Zack was found about 1/2 mile away from home by a very nice woman (Justina). She found him after a bad thunder storm under one of the trees in her backyard. She brought Zack to the Animal Hospital the next day. I want to thank Birdhotline for posting Zack. It helped us out a lot, lots of info. which helped me to find Zack. I would also like to thank the woman who found him (Justina) and last the West Deptford Animal Hospital. Zack went to his Vet, Dr. Flack. Zack only lost 5 grams and is in very good health. Thank you all again and hope everybody finds there lost bird. Shawn

(1758) Green Winged Macaw

Plymouth, United Kingdom . . . Admiral


Admiral was stolen from his garden. He is 50 yrs old and not at all tame. He is very thin (due to his age)and has a bald patch on his head. He cannot fly as he has a dislocated wing. Any information will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

I received such joyous news today - [BHL received this message on 6-21-00] Admiral the elderly Greenwing Macaw snatched from his owner's garden months ago, has been recovered and reunited with Lizzie, his owner. I'd be very grateful if you could x-post this for me to let everyone know that Admiral is now safe, and to thank them for the banners they put up on their websites, and for the many prayers said. Admiral appears none the worse for his experience, and is so pleased to be home, he's even allowing Lizzie's husband to pet and stroke him!

(2134) Cockatiel

Auburn, Alabama . . . Jill


Jill is has a gray body and a yellow head with bright orange cheeks on both sides of her face. She is about a middle aged bird. She was lost on Brenda Ave. in Auburn, Al. She will respond to her name and doesn't sing like a regular bird. There is a $50.00 dollar reward if she is found. Please pass the word on! Thanks! Richelle

Our bird Jill was lost for a week. He was found on the driveway in a subdivision 4 miles away. My daughter sent out e-mails to all her friends and when the boy who found her asked around the neighborhood he was directed to us by one of her friends. Thanks for all your help!!!

(2167) Cockatiel, a baby!

Pensacola, Florida . . . Hayley


I can't find this 4 week old baby cockatiel anywhere! I last saw her at 10 p.m She was in the livingroom with me. I may have gone outdoors, but I never noticed her or anything else go past me, though it's possible. She is still being handfed, and she has medicine she needs! Please help! I pray she is indoors and I find her, though I've turned the house upside down! If someone finds a baby tiel that is just learning to fly, and PLEASE, if you find her, take her to a vet so they can feed her! Have them call me.

Never mind, I found my baby tiel! He had crawled into my purse for a nap!!!!!!! Thank goodness he didn't fly out the door or anything! I looked everywhere but there! I was sitting thinking of what to do to find her, when I heard noises in my purse, and there she was! Or he, too young to tell yet.

(2144) Cockatiel

Wilmington, Delaware . . . Dirty Bird


Dirty bird is an average size cockatiel. His feathers on top of his head and face are bright yellow, his wings and body feathers are gray, white, and yellow and his cheeks are bright orange. His favorite saying is "Dirty bird good boy." Dirty flew out our back door on 6/10/2000 in the afternoon. Our house is located on Marsh Rd. near Philadelphia Pike. We think he may have followed other birds to the Bellevue State Park or the Rockwood museum. We miss him and are so worried about him. Even if you just see him please let us know.

A couple working out in their yard were surprised when Dirtybird landed on the mans arm. They called Concord pets store and took bird there. Concord held bird hoping to find owner. Concord looked on your web site and found our ad, they called us in the morning and we went right up, it was Dirtybird !!! Thank you Bird Hotline and Concord pets and the couple still not known. Thank you all Dirtybird

(2098) Mexican Redhead

San Marcos, California . . . Chicken


We've had Chicken since May 1994 when he was only 8 months old. He is a member of the family and we miss him very much. He has a green body and a red head and a deformed rear claw on one foot. He is about 6 inches tall.

Chicken was found only about 200 yards from home - as the Chicken flies. The person who found him took him home and had considered selling him, but said he was a neat bird. But someone told him of our ad in the newspaper and he called us. Chicken is home and we are all happy. A week without Chicken was like a year without sunshine. A word to all you bird owners - no matter how attached they are to you, KEEP THEIR WINGS CLIPPED. We thought it was cute that he would fly around and always come back to us. Well, he got scared and flew up and I guess he got caught in the wind and the rest is history. A new story - "Chicken's Big Adventure". [BHL. Caution: There are bird preditors outside so flying away is not your only concern! We have had reports of birds being taken from a cage by predator birds or other animals and of course don't forget the humans, lots of birds are being stolen! So please keep these little guys protected inside.]

(2069) Yellow Fronted Amazon Parrot

Louisville, Kentucky . . . Scooter


Scooter is a three year old Yellow Fronted Amazon Parrot. He has a green body, red on his shoulders, and yellow on the top of his head. He is about 15" tall and has a leg band around his foot with J&L 868 stamped on it. He was lost in the Fern Creek area of Jefferson County in Louisville Kentucky. Reward will be offered for return.

I placed an ad in the local newspaper with a description of Scooter. On Wednesday, May the 31st, in the morning, I received a call from a woman who said that her husband was working on his truck at their in-laws house. This was in a neighborhood about a mile from my home. When he got back in his truck he noticed a "funny looking green bird" on the hood of his truck. When he approached Scooter, he flew into a tree beside the truck. The man called his wife who checked the paper, found my add, and called me. In the mean time the man coaxed Scooter out of the tree with a french fry and kept him there till I arrived. When I arrived, Scooter didn't appear to know who I was. He looked disoriented and tired, and was making an unusual honking noise. He backed away from me so I got one of his food bowls out of the cage I had brought with me, and sat it on the ground. He came to the food bowl and got on it. When he did I reached down and got Scooter and put him into the cage and took him home. When he got home the first thing he did was eat nearly a full plate of macaroni and cheese.(I didn't bother him), drank two full bowls of water and some fruit juice, and ate out of every food bowl on his cage. He then got inside his cage, tucked his head, and took a long nap. Later that day a trip to the Vet was in order. He got a clean bill of health, not to mention a wing clip,(I won't make that mistake again!)beak trim, and nail trim. Everyone in the house felt like we had won the lottery and it had broken the foul moods we had all been in since his escape. I gave the man $250 dollars for finding Scooter, and he felt like it was his lucky day as well. It was a lucky chain of events for everyone along with some compassionate strangers. It's nice to know some people are still willing to help someone they don't know. Thanks for the great web site you all run, and good luck to all the separated parties out there! Teddy

(2066) Stolen! Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot

Tucson, Arizona . . . Echo


My green parrot is 13 years old and answers to Echo. He has a bit of blue on his forehead and has yellow and red on his feathers when he stretches his wings. His wings are not clipped. He calls out the name Sherpa (my dog). He is medium size and has a band on his left foot. He was stolen from an outside cage in down town Tucson on May 22nd. I am offering a $100 reward. Jennifer Thank you.

A woman read my ad in the Tucson newspaper. She bought the parrott from a man in a parking lot at a supermarket for $200.00. She was honest enough to call me, so I bought him back. You have a great service, and I will pass the web site along. Thank you.

(1140) Conure

Fort Belviour, Virginia . . .


Found green & black conure. Very loving bird, I am sure he/she misses his/her owners. My husband is taking very good care of it till you claim it. Vet says it's in pretty good health, although hungry. Getting spoiled!! HURRY!! call or email.

Molder" was reunited with his owner. I actually checked this site several times a day & saw a lost notice that resembeled the bird we found. After several calls owner & bird were brought together. Although, Mulders partner Scully is still missing [See next listing, Moulder was out for 20 days!]

(2017) Nanday Conures

Burke, Virginia . . . Moulder & Scully


Birds are wanted back with their family. They have a black/orangish head, green bodies, red boots around the feet. Birds will answer to Moulder and Scully, Scully has an organgish tinge to her chest.

Molder" was reunited with his owner. I actually checked this site several times a day & saw a lost notice that resembeled the bird we found. After several calls owner & bird were brought together. Although, Mulders partner Scully is still missing. [Scully's ad is still listed so let's see if we can find both of them and make a miracle even more unbeleiveable! BHL]...[and then the Bird HotLine received this message from Moulder's family] Moulder is now living back with his family in Burke Va as of last night May 23rd. He was caught by a gentleman working in Fort Belvoir Friday May 19th. The gentleman that found him and had his wife search the internet and found our ad and gave me a call Monday night asking if I had lost a bird, thanks John P. I described Moulder to him and it sounded like it could have been Moulder so the owner of the bird went over and picked him up last night, he heard her voice and was very excited and started screaming with excitement. It is nice to have Moulder back home, thanks to the internet sight Birdhotline.com and John P for being in the right place at the right time.

(2050) Blue and Gold Macaw

Fairburn, Georgia . . . Big Bird


This is a rescue that has been with me for two months. He is shy but sweet. He flew off when his cage came apart as I was rolling it, despite a recent wing clip. He knows his name.

Put familiar cage outside by the bird room door with treats and visible favorite foods on top. Put other birds outside in cages to make noise all day. Stayed close by and called for bird often. This bird never left the area and in 24 hours was pretty hungry. Coaxed him out of tree (sliding down flimsy branches) with sunflower seed and favorite buddy bird in a travel cage nearby. I am filled with happiness. #1 Important Fact: the first 2-3 days are critical. Stay close to home and try to keep the bird's attention.

(1108) Blue Crown Conure

Dillsboro, Indiana . . .


Medium size, green parrot

A fellow church member stopped at a yard sale where a bird cage was for sale. They began discussing this with the owner. The owner's bird had flown off when taken outside. My fellow church member then told this owner that I had found a bird about the same time. The owner then contacted me and asked me to say "Woody" to the bird. Well, he sat straight up and looked at me wide eyed. There was no doubt that he had found his owner. They picked him up after his two week stay with me. I was sad to see him go but happy he found his people.

(1976) Pearl Cockatiel

Minneapolis, Minnesota . . . Cricket


Cricket is a small cockatiel, lost near Dinkytown in Minneapolis. She is pearl colored, and more cinnamon than gray. She's very friendly.

I posted flyers in veterinarian offices and pet stores all over the city, and all over the neighborhood, I set Cricket's cage on the roof of the building, and I placed an ad in both newspapers for the general Metro area. Apparently some man found Cricket in a parking lot 3 days after she got lost, bought a cage, and was taking care of her. A co-worker saw one of my adds in the paper and directed him to me, so now she is home, 14 days after she was lost!!! :-)

(1992) Quaker Parrot

Vincennes, Indiana . . . Boomer


Boomer is a Bright Green bird with blue wing tips with a gray breast. He is about 8-10" tall (I am guessing the size). He flew out our back door, which is close to Hwy. 41 on the North side of Vincennes, Indiana. He doesn't like to many people. I guess you could say he is a one person bird! Except when I am not around! He laughs, and makes kissing noises! The only thing that I have ever understood him say was Thank You! We are working on that though! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I do not have a way to send a photo!

An out of town construction worker was staying at the Holiday Inn. On his way to work one morning, he saw Boomer. He asked around the Hotel to see if anyone was missing a bird. After nobody claimed Boomer, he decided to keep him. He went to our Local pet store to buy a cage and some food for Boomer. The owner of the pet store, which also happens to be my neighbor saw the gentlemen walk with the bird on his shoulder. Once the owner found out that he just found the bird, she explained to him that I had lost my bird and had been looking for him. He left the bird at the pet store for me to claim. I did meet up with the gentlemen later that evening at the pet store and thanked him for returning my bird.

(1998) African Grey (Congo) Parrot

South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . . . Mercury


Lost African Grey Parrot on 5-4-2000 around 6:30 pm at south Philadelphia, PA. area (9xx Sigel St.) around 18 weeks - band dec 99 gray with red tail feathers-size of pigeon with larger head still being hand fed, loves oranges, head scratched.

Mercury was lost 5-4-00 and found on 5-7-00. He was hanging out with the pigeons at the local acme. He went to a nice couple, who recognized one of the many fliers we posted. There are some nice people in Philadelphia after all!!!! Thanks Laura !I am so happy he is home, now we both can get some needed rest and food. Thank you for all the suggestions given on relocating Mercury. It gave me hope when life looked glum.

(1983) Cherry-headed Conure

Charlotte, North Carolina . . . SAM


April 30, 2000 LOST: PET PARROT (Cherry-headed conure) Light green on body, bright red on face, head and chest in the area of central Charlotte, NC, Nottingham Dr. area, located approx. 1 mile from Sardis Rd. and Providence Rd. SAM is two years old and was recently clipped, he can talk and is a much-loved pet. He was hand-fed and is very tame. Please email with any info! *Reward*! Thank you!

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening searching for Sam. Finally, we came home, realizing we needed a good night's sleep to continue the next day. The next morning, we went back out as the sun was rising. We called to Sam the various phrases he loves to say, and *finally* we heard him! He was a couple of streets away from home. It was hard to locate him as we live in an older neighborhood that is heavily wooded. We finally located him about 50 feet up in a tree. With our binoculars we could see that he was happy to see us, but afraid to fly down. A well-meaning neighbor called the fire department to assist us in rescuing him, but (as we feared) this frightened him and he flew away! We located him again, only to have him fly again within minutes. Again we finally found him, and this time he was only about 15 or 20 feet up a tree. With a ladder and help from some concerned neighbors, my husband rescued Sam! He is home now, and we are very grateful! Miracles do happen-never give! up hope!

(1089) Cockatiel

Tucson, Arizona . . .


This morning at 9:15 I found a cockatiel on my porch. Has full wings. Please call or e-mail with description of your bird. I found him on the NW side of Tucson. The bird is not too friendly but he could be scared of me right now.

I put an add in the paper and here. I called a local pet store to also let them know. A woman was talking to a friend that works there and mentioned that her bird had flown away. The friend said that another woman had reported finding one. She found the add in the paper and called. I had already had one family to see him, but he eas not thier bird. She came and he went right to her. He had been terrified of me leading me to believe he was untamed. I trimmed the wings before she left. Her and her son were very happy to have Kitty back. My mom and I had call him Dexter and Bandit. She lost him the monday before I found him so he was on his own for about 5 days. This is a great site for lost birds and I am thankful tonight that the little guy is home tonight.

(1065) Cockatiel

Long Beach, California . . .


Please identify band code and give description for this sweet cockatiel.

We posted signs on light poles around our neighborhood. After a few rain storms, only 1 sign survived, but a women walking her dog saw the sign. She lived next door to a couple that lost their bird the same day we found it. "Bird" the cockatiel is now safe at home. People that have lost their bird or any pet should remember to check all local pet stores and vet clinics for bulletin boards. They should also post signs themselves

(1767) Stolen! Blue and Gold Macaw

Golden, Colorado . . . Royal


ROYAL was stolen from the Pet Ranch in Golden, CO on Tuesday night. The thief broke the front window and took him from his cage. He is a 6 year old, Blue and Gold Macaw. Has a very extensive vocabulary including calling for "Ruby", "Hi Royal" and "I am a good bird". Likes to "bang" on his cage and says "come in". Royal is not a quiet bird. He is banded. Reward is offered for his return. Any information should be given to the Golden Police Department at (303) 384-8045 or contact Ansel at the Pet Ranch. I am posting for the owner of the bird.

Royal was found in an apartment in Denver when the Police went there to arrest a party. The were suspicious and took Royal into custody as "possible stolen property". The daughter of another officer had seen Royal's poster in a vet hospital where she volunteered and helped reunite Royal with his owner. Royal was healthy but has been very quiet since his return home. Thanks for the help.

(1278) Blue Front Amazon Parrot

Morgan Hill, California . . . Sundance


Sundance is 23 years old and never been away from home, not even far from his cage. He has the typical blue patch above the beak surrounded by yellow and brilliant red, blue and yellow feathers under his wings. He is a foot long or so from head to end of tail. He talks and squawks a lot. Although hard to understand at times, he says pretty bird, hello, all right, mommy, NO!, and "Hurry up, we gotta go". His latest trick was after spending time in a room with kittens, he learned to meow. He was "birdnapped" in his white cage the morning of Wednesday, July 7 from our home on Venetian Way (off Watsonville). We miss him terribly and pray he'll find his way home.

[BHL received this email 4-26-2000] A miracle occured a couple of months ago and Sundance was found by Morgan Hill police at a home they were raiding. Thank God they returned him safe & sound to us! I do beleive in miracles. Thanks, Jonnie

(1928) Sun Conure

Tucson, Arizona . . . Sara


Lost Tuesday, 4/11 looks like the bird on the shoulder in the picture on the Bird HotLine home page, orange, green...very loud brash voice, very sweet, approx. 9 inches from beak to tail.

My sun, Sara flew out an open door 4/11, we put up fliers, bought binoculars & searched..Called in an ad to the local Tucson paper but didn't go into till Sunday, the young lady who found her had had her since the day she left, so she was well taken care of and stayed out of the wind and cold...Thanks to Nicki who found her & (I think) was a little sad to see her go...

(1874) Greek Cheek Conure

Seattle, Washington . . . Oscar


Oscar is a green check conure. He is a little bigger than a parakeet. He has one missing toenail. He whispers his name, and a few words in Chinese. We think he flew outside near Lynn and Bolyston in East Lake.
He was found at the local school. He flew up on the janitor's shoulder and would not get off. He flew a block away from home, and hung out with the kids for a day. !!
(1069) Macaw

Sarasota, Florida . . .


Bird flew in an open door. A smaller Macaw.

I'm happy to let you know that the bird I reported as found on 4/11/00 was claimed by the owner today. We really enjoyed having our "guest", but delighted to reunite him with his family. The owner responded to an ad in the local paper, which they ran as a free service.

(1899) Pied Male Cockatiel

Los Angeles, California . . . Sunnyboy


<5 year old male pied cockatiel, knows his name, extremely friendly, has yellow band around right leg. Full fight, loves to sing and speak. Yellow head, mostly white w/some gray orange cheek patches. Flight began Sunday nite form the Mar Vista, Los Angeles, Venice area. REWARD!!!

The day after Sunny-Boy flew away (at night), I went around a two mile radius putting up posters with Sunny's' picture/description. a couple of days later I began receiving calls of locations he was seen at. A woman called to say she saw a "bird found" sign. I immediately went to that location to investigate. The date on the sign corresponded. apparently Sunny-Boy had landed on a woman's' shoulder to play with her gold necklace! However she was on the way to the hospital to deliver a baby! She put Sunny-Boy in a cat carrier, and gave him some crackers. a man who had also lost his cockatiel the same day, went to see if it was his bird. they decided to let him take Sunny-Boy, since he had a cage and food. I finally caught up w/him and he gladly returned Sunny-Boy! Believe it or not but Sunny-Boy flew away once before, in San Jose, Ca. and was gone for a month! Thanks to the posters I put up I also got him back then! So there is hope, especially if your bird is friendly! Thanks for your service!!

(1854) Congo African Grey

Tucson, Arizona . . . DigDog


Lost on 3/19/00 in the area 22nd and Alvernon. The bird has a short nail on one foot and speaks Hebrew. If you have found this bird or know of someone that has please call Moshe at 325-6066 or call Mary at 747-7212 and I will get you in touch with him.

DigDog is home tonight safe and sound with his owner thank to this web site and someone unknown person that called the owner and told him where his bird was. And it turned out to right next door. The person told the owner that they had seen this site and looked up to see the lost birds and seen that there was a Grey lost in their part of town and then called the owner and they were reunited about 15 min. later. A big thanks comes from me and the owner of DigDog to Sandy and Steve for hosting this web site.

(1837) Sulpur Crested Cockatoo

Cypress, Texas . . . Angel


Angel says "Meaghan" and "Randy" and a few other words. Reward.

Man who found Angel about four miles away saw flyer we put up in grocery store.

We also got a call on one that was found that has a band on it's leg, in the exact same area that we live. (The one you contacted us about).

Thanks for your help. Your site is very useful.

(1034) Gray Parrot

Middletown, Delaware . . .


Know band number and marking when contacting. Clipped Gray parrot, very tired.Found in Boyds Corner area. burns76@earthlink.net

I left messages with pet stores, vets, e-mail boards such as this one, read the lost ads etc. All areas pointed me to the Tri State Bird Rescue. These folks took the bird's and my information and also put me in touch with an African Grey Parrot expert who helped me understand how to care for the bird and signs to look for if he/she was hurt. We had the bird for three days. We called it Jack (we had to call it something) and eventually he became comfortable with us. Jack turned out not to be clipped after all and surprised us by flying. The owner called Tri State Bird Rescue on the fourth day the bird was away from home, and they put her in touch with us. Bird, Mom and Dad had a happy reunion. The bird's name turned out to be Missy (a far cry from Jack). Owners promise to have her clipped this weekend so she will no longer have adventures.

(1824) Albino Cockatiel

Apple Valley, Minnesota . . . Georgie


We live in Minnesota, it was near freezing last night, my 6 yr old daughter walked outside to let the dog in with the bird on her shoulders and she flew away. We searched for her for nearly three hours in the dark and didn't hear a peap from her. When she hears my voice she usually makes a lot of noise...she didn't. I have resigned myself to knowing now that she is "gone" and I cryed for hours last night. [Then Melissa contacted the Bird HotLine and was told not to give up hope and get those flyers out.]

Found 3/11 3 blocks away by our neighbor after one long cold night. Safe and sound now, back at home. Thank you!

(1806) Cockatiel

Tucson, Arizona . . . Hayden


Female, light gray, lost N/E by Wrightstown/Pantano. She is banded and one wing is clipped and partially grown back. Our family is heartbroken!

After two days, Hayden found her way to a front door of a home not more than 1/2 mile from home. As the owner approached the front door she hissed so loudly it scared him to death. This wonderful family took her in, fed her cereal and somehow found this great website. Unfortunately I was too stupid to check my E-mail and after 3 messages they were hoping they had a new pet. One week to the day we were united. Thank you all! Randi

(1795) African Grey Parrot

Pacific Beach, California . . . Pete


My bird Pete is an average sized Red Tailed African Grey parrot. He responds to some sayings such as good morning, step up, whistles the seven dwarfs tune of hiho hiho, loves grapes and pears, and likes to bark like a dog. He flew away during the rain storm yesterday. He was last seen at the corner of Turquoise + La Jolla Blvd heading north. I last saw him trying to land about 6 blocks north. If anybody has any information regarding this matter please call. Both my dog Harry and myself miss him very much. Will pay a reward for his return to home... thanks sadly J.

[Message from Bird HotLine to all you Bird Patrollers. Your efforts are starting to really pay off. The above lost report and found report came in the same morning. We immediately contacted both parties because the coincidence was too much and what follows was just received. If you are not a Bird Patroller yet, we need your help too. The Southern California area has the most active Patrollers and the results show what can happen.]

I received a call the following morning that a couple had called a bird down from a tree in their back yard and contacted the Bird Patrol. We were reunited that evening. Thanks so much for your help, and special thanks to the Kelly's, who lost a bird awhile back, for your honesty and love of birds. I owe you one. Thanks J, Harry, and Pete. :-) :-)

My husband was out in the yard with his coffee early in the morning. He noticed a grey looking bird about 20 feet up in the eucalyptus tree. At first he thought it was a hawk because we have hawks which live in the canyon behind our house. Upon taking a closer look, he saw the red tail and recognized it as an African Grey. He called to it and put his finger up to see if it would come to him. Sure enough it flew down right to his finger.

He came in with the bird and we put it in an extra cage we have with food and water. Unfortunately we have lost an amazon recently and his cage is still empty.

We knew this was a tame bird and that someone was probably looking for it. Having experienced a lost feathered friend within the last two months, I knew all the methods people use to find their loved ones. So I went to the Bird Hotline that morning and put in an ad for a found talking parrot. That next day Bird Hotline sent me an email saying they received an ad for a found African Grey in my neighborhood and copied me the email from J. J put all the info in the email which allowed me to readily identify that the bird in my house was in fact Pete. So I called J on the phone and left a message saying I found a bird and would like to speak with him to see if it was his. I still did not identify what type of bird. When I spoke to J, and he told me about Pete I realized that I had found his bird and set up an appointment for him to come over and take a look. So J and Pete were united again that night. Only one day after he flew away from his home.


I only wish someone know to look there to post an ad for my bird which flew from home in November.



(1785) Cockatiel (Lutino)

Tucson, Arizona . . . Piko


Piko flew away in Tucson near Los Altos and Jacinto Road. She is very affectionate and lives with two people and a cat (you might not believe it, but the cat and Piko get along great). She is the characteristic Lutino color with yellow and bright orange cheeks. The ends of her feathers, though, are a little gray.

The bird (Piko) was found by a breeder (cockatiels and finches) a couple of miles east of our home. Luckily, they found the message and gave me a call on Monday the 21st. Now, we are reunited with our bird and just clipped its wings. Thank you very much for reuniting us with our bird!

(1752) Conure

San Marcos, California . . . Bird


He is green with slight royal blue feathers. His head is gray with white circles around the eyes. He is a dusky headed conure. He flew away in the area of San Marcos Blvd and Rancho Santa Fe

I found the Conure on my daily jog at lunch. I decided to see what type of bird was " screeching " in the shrubbery. To my surprise, it was a parrot !! I called/coaxed the bird to my hand, ( he wasn't too keen on that ) but he remained quiet enough to pick up with both hands. I covered his head and body with my t-shirt and brought him back to work. I put him in a box with many holes. The next thing I knew, my co-worker had him on his shoulder ( a shoulder bird ) :-). I called a local bird store to see if it was okay to feed him fruit or crackers. We gave him water and grapes. He was very hungry and thirsty. I went to the pet store after work and got him a cage, toys, food, and perches. My daughter was very excited to see this new addition to our home. I did tell her that someone had hand raised this bird and that someone was probably looking for him. I began looking in the Sunday papers, then went online daily to search the "lost and found". I called an Oceanside # . Someone was searching for 2 lost Conures and there was only a description of one bird. After speaking with this owner (bird wasn't hers) she referred me to birdhotline.com. This is where I tracked down the owner of the conure. I had done a little research on the type of conure, so when I saw Dusky Headed Conure I knew this was the one. Also, the street location of bird escapee was close by my jog route. I sent an email response through Birdhotline. I revisted the next day and decided to contact presumed owner by email direct. Within an hour I had a response and phoned the owner . We talked about the bird and with a few descripive characteristics of the Counure we decided it was a match !

We met yesterday afternoon at a local restaurant. I must say a very happy and emotional occasion. I was happy to see owner and bird reunited and I was pleased to be doing the right thing. A note of interest; the bird was 14 years old ( I thought it was a young bird ) also, my daughter and I had named the conure "Birdie". I asked the owner the name of the Conure and he said the name was "Bird". What a coincidence.

So happy ending for all. :-)

Many of my friends and co-workers have asked how I found the owner and I have given the details. Keep up the good work !!

[BHL And then we got a message from Bird's parent David....]

Thank you very much for your letter. This wonderful lady found my bird the day after it flew the coop. She took great care of it and saw my ad for a lost conure (on the Bird HotLine). She contacted me and I got him back.. Everyone thinks its a Miracle after 8 days to get my bird back and I agree. Thank you for doing what you do, if it wasn't for you this would never have happened. David

(1662) Peach Faced Love Bird

San Diego, California . . . Sweets


Mostly green with a red & peach face & some blue on his feathers. Very friendly bird. Lost in the USD area, between Linda Vista rd. & Friars rd. He's a full-flight bird.

Sonya 17 days later after Sweets flew away, We continued our search everyday by checking the Birdhotline, the penny saver, the newspaper, any paper, and continuing to put up flyers and talk to people. On December 15th, 1999, I checked the Union tribune under the lost & found and there it read, " Lost Lovebird". I didn't think it was Sweets because it was about 10 miles from our house, but I gave it a try anyway. Shannon, the person that answered the phone said that a lady brought him in & he's been there ever since. Her boss, Sheri decided to put it in the newspaper that day. When I arrived, I couldn't believe it! It was Sweets. He is still a bit traumatized, but what do you expect after being gone so long! It is such a Miracle that we found him!! We are so happy & now he is reunited with his girlfriend! Thanks so much to Sheri & Shannon at the Adam's street pet shop & also to Steve & Sandy at Birdhotline.com. You guys are so awesome for having a site like this on the Internet and by helping so many people find there birds! Words can't even explain how happy we are!!! Here is some advice to others: "Whatever you do, don't give up hope!"

(852) Cockatiel

Portland, Oregon . . .


Today a neighbor brought over a cockatiel that some kids found in our apartment complex. He knows I just lost a bird myself and was wondering if it could be my Zackie. (it's not) I told him I'd care for the bird and do what I can to find the owners as I know how much it hurts to loose a bird (lost my Grey the first part of Aug) This Cockatiel was found near 134th and Sandy Blvd in Portland, OR today 9/30/99 I'm not sure if he's sick or just quiet, but I will feed him tonight and get him to a vet tomorrow to make sure the little guy (or gal) is okay. If you know someone who may have lost this little birdie give me a call. I PROMISE this bird will be well taken care of till I find the owners. And if never found.... he will be loved very much!! Tammy

Happy day for the owners of the little birdie I found on 9\30. I posted on the net of the find, I put an ad in the paper and we made flyers for the pet shops... and today I seen one that the owner had posted on a pole down the street. As the people walked up to "birdie" I knew by the actions that it was their bird. As the old man cried... so did I!! I was happy to help these people find their loved one!!

Sandy... your great!! You have given me so much great info on finding and reporting found/lost birds that I and these people can't thank you enough!! Now if I could only get Zackie home... life would be good!! Tammy [BHL: If you would like to give a Big Thank you to Tammy for her efforts inspite of her pain of losing her African Grey Zack, here's her email, I am sure she would be touched to hear from you ShezRacin2@aol.com]

(1491) Yellow/White Cockatiel

New Market, New Hampshire . . . Corsage


My Dad's cockateil just flew out the door and is in a tree next to the house. She is up to far to reach her and it is dark now. Please let me know what to do or please keep an eye out for her. I don't think she comes when called. She is nine years old. My Dad is heartbroken. ask for Janine, Gordon or Richard

I read on the web that spraying them with water so they can't fly help to catch them. My Dad used warm water and misted her in the tree (she was 25 ft above the ground) until she was wet. Then he sprayed her a little harder and she tried to fly out of the tree but instead fluttered/tumbled to the ground. He was able to walk over and pick her up. They then used a hair dryer to warm her up and she is eating and content again. Thank God

(1458) Quaker Parrot

Columbia, Missouri . . . Kramer


Please help! Our Quaker got out of our house and was lost around 5th street in Columbia, MO. We searched for hours but could not find him. He is very dear to us!! He likes people but is territorial (like most Quakers). He came to us from a rescue program; he had been found by someone else (he landed on the man's shoulder!). So, we're hoping he will do the same thing again and come back to us! Kramer is 6" tall, bright green on his back/wings/tail and gray on his belly. He has recently had a beak and nail trim. If you see him, make a clicking sound with your tongue and he'll mimic it (it's his favorite sound. Thanks, Matt & Susan

Our Quaker Parrot, Kramer, was found just 3 days after he was lost. We live near the downtown area of Columbia, MO and there was a big outdoor festival with lots of people. We put up signs before it started, and sure enough, someone saw a sign and then saw Kramer walking around on the ground. Fortunately, the woman who found him was a bird lover and called us immediately. We were so happy! Thank you so much!

(1017) Cockatiel

Burtonsville, Maryland . . . Pete Pete


This is a white cockatiel with yellow on head and orange cheeks. She is five-years old. She flew away from Burtonsville, MD. Her owner is devastated and I am posting this for her because she does not have internet.

The bird number was 1017. It is a white cockatiel with yellow plume on its head and red dots on the side of its head. We were playing a little league baseball game and the bird flew onto our dugout. It then went to my wife's head and from there we caught it. It was probably attracted to all the people at the game. As I mentioned it came from Burtonsville Maryland. We caught it in Springfield, VA. The distance is about 30 miles as a bird would fly. Evidently, the bird had to fly over the Potomac which is about a mile wide at Washington DC. The writeup said it was lost 5/12/99. We found it on 9/12/99, thus it survived for 4 months on its own.

As we called around to the animal shelter, and local vets, we were told about your hotline. I think that only your hotline made it possible to reunite this bird with its owner. While people like us who do not have birds would not normally know of your hotline, evidently, pet stores and some vets do, so besides maintaining the hotline, finding a way to keep vets informed of your hotline really helps people to find out about it when they need it. Luckily, this person had the only writeup on your site in the surrounding states for a white cockatiel. All the others were gray and other colors.

I will say that some of the writeups were devoid of a good enough description to identify any bird, but this one was close enough to prompt me to call the owner. .

The owner is a woman who is 73 years old and was really depressed about having lost the bird. It was a present some 5 years ago, from her now deceased husband. I called her and got a return call within a half an hour. The next day she had someone bring her to our home. We wondered how she and we would know if this bird was hers. As she walked into the room the bird got really agitated as we had never seen it do. As soon as she called it, it flew to her shoulder and started pecking on her ear. .

This little incident touched my family greatly, I have two teenage girls an a 10 year boy who immediately became attached to the bird. They were happy the owner was found. Needless to say, the owner was even more happy to have found the bird. Shannon

(1351) African Grey-Timneh

Tucson, Arizona . . . Marley


Marley flew out the front door on August 13th in the area of 1st and Grant. He was in the air for a good 4 minutes before I lost sight of him. He is about 1 1/2 years old and pretty friendly with people. He says a few words such as: "Good boy Marley" "Good Morning" and does the wolf whistle a lot followed by "naked girl". We also have a cockatiel and Marley copied that annoying chirp only much louder-he usually does it when he is mad or frightened. Thanks Ross

I got my bird back!! Marley is home and freshly clipped! I must say thanks to Jan & Kathleen for finding and taking care of Marley until his return. Special thanks to Mary the president of the Avicultural Society of Tucson, without her help we would not have had Marley returned to us

Now the story... Talk about bad luck, Marley flew out the door on Friday the 13th when I let Apollo (our rottie) out. He never has tried to go for the door and I was terribly surprised when he did it. I immediately made fliers, went door to door, put an ad in the paper and set his cage on the roof. I found an ad in the lost and found about contacting Mary and the Bird HotLine for lost birds.

Mary took my info and after 5 days I thought I would never see Marley again. Tucson has had the most powerful monsoons in years! It turned out that Marley only experienced one bad storm, he was found the following day I lost him.

He had flown into a parking lot of a grocery store and tried to land on a woman's shoulder. I am sure you can guess what happened, the woman freaked!! She thought she was being attacked by a wild pigeon ran back into her car and refused to get out while two guys "caught" Marley. Well luckily Jan had seen the commotion and decided to check it out and was very surprised to find an African Grey. The gentlemen gave her Marley she in turn took him to her friend Kathleen who owns parrots. For some reason neither of them saw my ad but saw Mary's and contacted her and she contacted me.

Marley is much closer to my wife than to me and it was wonderful to see those two interact again. I just about gave up all hope in finding him but reading the found stories on this site kept me believing. DON'T GIVE UP!!! Our thanks to everyone!!!!

(1365) Blue & Gold Macaw

Pacific Grove, California . . . Sonny


Sonny was taken out of the back of our truck. The store we were at did not let me take him in. While sitting in the back of the truck, a woman in a blue van took him and told passer-bys that she thought he was lost and was going to take him to the SPCA. She did not. Sonny is two and is very friendly. . Thank you.

I was able to get the local TV stations to broadcast a report Friday evening and the people who took the bird saw the broadcast. They returned the bird to police at midnight, Friday night. A happy ending!! Thank you for your help!!

(1132) Timneh African Grey

West Hollywood, California . . . Zoe


Zoe, 4 year old hand raised Timneh. Large vocabulary, uses many words appropriately, says "Oops" when clumsy, etc. Was in a rambunctious playful mood - flew off finger instead of going in cage - got out the door. Neighbor saw her playing with a crow (bobbing head and teasing it) until it chased her into a tree. Didn't get her. Like having a teenager on the loose. Talking from phone wires "What' Cha Doin???". Too clever for her own feathers. Needs to come home - loves me very very much and has a flock that misses her. In the West Hollywood Hills near Beverly Hills. Hundreds of birds and loads of trees out there. Will fly to me if she see's me.

We thought you might enjoy ZOE'S STORY taken from several emails received by the Bird HotLine and edited by our own little story writer Steve:

The story began when Zoe got loose and became a missing bird. Kathleen wrote in to the Bird HotLine with the above Lost Bird report: Sandy (our hero) processes the report and moves on to the found bird reports. She reads: Parrot West Hollywood, California . . . 06/08/99 "No band. Obviously someone's pet. Says a few "phrases." Steps up easily. Loves to be petted. Contact me with description of your lost Parrot. I know the breed, but I want to make sure this bird gets back to his REAL owner ... so you have to describe it to me.

"Could this be Zoe," Sandy thinks, and she emails both of them and tells them to contact each other. It is Zoe! Kathleen is overjoyed. Dan (who found Zoe and is a hero for the moment), left Zoe with his girlfriend and somehow Zoe got out again this time in Hollywood. Dan just lost his hero status.

Sandy, meanwhile, writes an email to Dan telling him how wonderful it was that he posted Zoe, and how much this means to Kathleen and all of us bird people. She goes on to explain the relationship between a bird and a person and the joy and wonder of it. Reading this when he returns after losing Zoe, Dan must be riddled with guilt. Here he had Kathleen's beloved Zoe and he let her get away. Guilt is now oozing out of every pore.

Zoe, meanwhile is still out there and we hear from Kathleen who is in a state of shock after finding and then losing Zoe again. She vows to double her efforts. Poor kid. Zoe flies up to the 13th floor of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (across from Graumans Chinese Theater) - where a film grip finds her. He takes her to the set of the film he is working on with Melanie Griffiths and Zoe is fed from Craft Services. (She also learns a new phrase: "I need an agent!") This is where Melanie (who will never be the poster person for Bird Awareness) gets into the act. She confuses Zoe with a pigeon, and shoos her away. (Don't anyone tell Zoe.) Zoe is still safe, though, inside the building.

Now the story turns into something out of the Twilight Zone. Riddled with guilt, Dan has decided to post fliers around the area he lost Zoe. He is on Hollywood Blvd. guiltily posting away, when the grip, for some unknown reason, leaves the Roosevelt Hotel, and actually sees Guilt Ridden Dan posting his fliers. (Can you believe it!) Either this is the biggest coincidence in the recorded history of lost bird stories, or there is a God. (We are betting on God.)

Then we get this note from Kathleen:. It begins with: "Zoe is home!!" and ends with: "Thanks for being there.......perhaps this one will help others keep the faith. Cheers, Birdie Kathleen

(1307) Cockatiel (White/Grey - "Pied")

Castro Valley, California . . . Piglet


White w/gray cockatiel - approximately 7-9 inches from top of head to tip of tail. Leg banded at time of loss - we can identify the band number. Sweet. Friendly. Was clipped (not enough, however :( ) Responds to "Hi!" with same response, and perhaps a not-very-clear "Hi Piglet!" She will "step up" onto a steady finger/hand when instructed. She doesn't bite. (Although she has been known to nibble ears!) She is the beloved pet of my son - and we are all very upset about her disappearance. We love her very much!

In addition to posting notices on yours and another service last night and today, I made 100's of fliers and distributed them to EVERYONE in what I projected Piglet's flight path had been - Plus some. Tonight - a woman who I will remember always - phoned and said, simply, "I've got Piglet. I'll tell you the whole story when you get here ..." Hard work - lots of walking and talking and searching and staring up into big - seemingly endless - trees for such a sweet little bird. We brought her home and, after a quick clip-and-lift-check, Piglet is now eating like she's never ever been fed before! Thank you for providing your service. It helped to give me some peace of mind in the past 28 hours - knowing that I was reaching as many people as I could about our dear pet. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

(1009) Amazon Parrot

Springfield/Morton, Pennsylvania . . . JAKE


Green parrot, with yellow and blue head colors, red tip on shoulder of wings, and multicolor tail

Butch, one of our Bird Patrollers wrote back to say: "Hi Guys! Jake's owner called me today to let me know that Jake (1009) is home! If not for your HotLine this bird would have never been found. The original owners pretty much gave up on him, just hoping he found a nice home. That he did! He was found in a man's backyard about 2 miles away. The first thing they did was buy a cage. By luck I happened to go to a hair salon with my wife, and a woman there heard us talking about our parrots. She said her neighbor had found one a couple of weeks ago, it was green with a yellow and blue head. I happened to check your site just a few days before to see if there are any missing birds in my area. I do this about twice a week. There was Jake reported missing just a few miles away. When I saw the report, I had called a few of the bird club members and mentioned it at a meeting. That was all I had time to do at that time. After hearing what the woman at the hair salon said I suddenly found more time for Jake and his owners. After writing you and writing Harry, the owner, Harry wrote back with his band number. I called the woman from the hair salon and gave her the info. She gave it to her neighbor with the found bird and he in turn called the rightful owner. He was a little reluctant about giving Jake back. His family had really grown fond of Jake in just a few weeks. I called and told him that my wife and I raise many babies for a local breeder. I would sell him a bird at wholesale for returning the bird and doing the right thing. Well all is well that ends well! Again thank you for providing this web site to out pet bird community. It really does work! Thanks again, Butch"

Then this came in from Jake's family: "On April 28 we posted a lost bird on the Bird HotLine. To our amazement, we received an E-mail on Thursday night May 27 from a person who had seen our lost bird on the HotLine, and had heard information on a found bird. It took a few days to connect, but Jake is home! We are so grateful to Butch, who contacted us, to the people who cared for Jake while he was missing, and to everyone at the Bird HotLine for this terrific service. Without it we would probably not have found him!"

Regretfully most reunions prior to the above date have been removed due to space requirements
but you all have our congratulations from bird lovers everywhere.

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