Our goal is to reunite lost birds with their families, and with our heartwarming Bird Stories increase the public's awareness of the
wonder of birds—these loving, warm, caring, intelligent little beings with wings, and to improve the quality of their lives.

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Correcting A Tragedy

     Why is it that when a dog or cat is found, the immediate thought is to find the animal's home, yet when a bird is found, the immediate thought is to buy a cage?

     Together, we have to change this attitude. We have to help people realize that pet birds are as loving, caring, and intelligent as any other creature on earth, and that someone greatly misses his or her buddy—someone desperately needs your help to bring the little guy or gal home

     Now when someone's winged buddy is missing, he or she has a place to go—in their desperation—to let the world know of this disaster; a place where help can be found. You are no longer alone.

     Now when someone finds a bird or knows of a found bird, he or she can quickly check the internet and see if that bird is listed as lost, and, hopefully, reunite two very sad individuals (one with wings and one without).

If thinking of birds as puppies who never grow up, as cuddly, warm, loving, intelligent beings is new for you, then be sure to click on "Fun Bird Stories" or "Sunshine On My Shoulder." You'll be surprised by what you read. It isn't a coincidence that both birds and angels have wings.

Our Goals:
  • To reunite almost all the little lost frightened birds with their grieving families by becoming as well known as dialing 911
  • Help every bird have a better life by educating their families to their needs and potential
  • Educate the non bird person to search for that little found bird's home
  • Be a place of Hope and Understanding for you and other Bird people


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