If You're Reading This, Then This Message Was Meant For You

First, we want to thank all of you who have seen the need for a Bird HotLine and have reacted so positively and volunteered to help. . Thank you.

And a special thanks goes to:

* Our 3000 plus Bird Patrollers around the world *
* The 100th upon 100th of sites who have linked us to them *
* The News List operators who have notified their people *
* The members of clubs and organizations who have spread the word *
* And of course to all of you who . . .

Saw the Bird HotLine with not only your eyes,
but also with your hearts.

And secondly, we have received many emails asking us for permission to contact a club or organization or group and tell them about the Bird HotLine, or add a link to our site, or send the Bird Patrol Flyer (Bird Patrol Page) to some group or news list, etc. To all of you our answer is simple:

The Bird HotLine does not belong to any of us, it belongs to all the little lost frightened birds throughout the world whose only wish is to find his or her way home. You don't have to ask us for permission, all you need do is ask yourself, "Will whatever I am doing possibly bring one little angel closer to home?" If the answer is Yes, do it with our blessing.

All we ask is that you tell us about it so we can share in the excitement, and know who to thank.

Finally, to be candid, we had always thought we were unique in our love of birds, nature, and all the little creatures. It only took about three days on-line to find out we are anything but unique. "Thank You. . . . Thank you. . . . THANK YOU!"

And a message from all the little lost souls out there . . . "We love you!"

How do we know they love you? A little bird told us.

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